The southern weather

My boyfriend and I will be going to a new country for vacation this year. We so excited considering that it is so different from anything we have ever done. For one, it’s not a tropical island we are vacationing on, but it is an island that is super cold and icy. So in lieu of researching beaches and hotels by using quality cooling, I have decided to look into the heating. I found one hotel accommodation that looks super fantastic too. It is a campground that has a ton of hiking trails and tours you’ll be able to go on. You can stay in a cabin with several other hikers or try glamping. Glamping is basically a tent that is set up, but it includes a heating system. You are outside in the wild and yet not at the same time. The camp is set up with a big bed, sheets, chairs and you are steps away from a real bathroom. The tent also is fitted with generators which use electric heaters hooked up to them. This will be great for us, since my boyfriend desperately wants to camp in this country and I just want to be warm the whole time. With this accommodation we obtain the best of both worlds. Also, we will be completely outside and private from everybody else. It will be so romantic, and the heating system will add to that mood. If we like glamping, then I think we will stay a few nights. It will really depend upon how powerful those electric heaters are though.

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