The holidays went well

When I stay in hotels I always check the room before I settle in for the night no matter what. I want to make sure it has been cleaned thoroughly, and that the cooling system is working efficiently.There have been so many times that I have gotten to my room and put my things down only to realize that the HVAC system is broken. When this happens, I immediately go back down to the front desk to request a different room. If they don’t have any left, I usually decide to try a different hotel. When there is an issue with the air conditioning it becomes a huge pain because I cannot sleep at night without it. I’m aware that most hotels keep HVAC maintenance staff on hand, but having to ask for repairs over and over is frustrating. Staying at hotels isn’t a big deal for me because I like to travel often and I’m pretty laid back. Even still, having a good night’s sleep is dependant on the air conditioner. I travel frequently for work and fun, so I’ve had a lot of experience in trying to make sure my stay is as comfortable as possible. I would suggest for anyone who is staying in a hotel to take the time to do this check to make sure there won’t be any major issues down the road. I have avoided many rough nights because of this.

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