The good house heating

It is the time of the year when I need to spend all of my free time working on projects for school. It is the end of the semester,  and I have a ton of homework, papers to write, studying and exams coming up.   I have to use my time wisely and be as productive as possible.  I can’t be distracted because I’m a little sweaty or a bit chilly.  I don’t want to have an excuse to avoid my books.  Rather than constantly adjusting the thermostat, I need a comfortable location in which to do my work.  I am lucky to still live with my parents.   I have access to a state-of-the art heating and cooling system, as well as zoned control. There are separate thermostats in each room of the house.  Whether I am curled up on my bed, lounging on the couch or sitting at the kitchen table, I am able to personalize the temperature.  At this time of year, the outside temperature is typically very cold and sometimes well below zero.   I am so lucky to have a working gas furnace at my fingertips.  Mom and dad’s house is always maintained at the ideal temperature.   I do not think I would be able to handle my workload if I did not have heat in my house. I would too focused on feeling chilly.  I am so grateful that my parents invested in such an effective heating system and I am able to enjoy it while I do my school work.

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