The ductwork is not well

There are numerous things that I do not like about having ductwork installed in my home. I think they contribute to issues with indoor air quality. Since I have severe allergies, I don’t appreciate anything that adds dust or contaminants to my breathing air. I am also unhappy that the  air ducts create quite a bit of noise when the heating or cooling system operates.  The ductwork definitely requires some yearly maintenance, but accessing the pipes is inconvenient. The air ducts are installed behind the walls and in the crawl spaces. The heated and cooled air travels through this branching network of pipes and then is  dispersed into the home through supply vents. These air ducts do a decent job of dispersing the air and maintaining a comfortable temperature in the various rooms of the house . One of the reasons I am not happy with the air ducts is because they can easily become clogged with debris, such as dust, pollen, mold, and dander.  Then I need to hire a licensed HVAC contractor to provide cleaning.  I would like to handle this job on my own.   I can’t ignore the problem because then the air flow will be obstructed, leading to higher energy bills, HVAC malfunction and degraded air quality.  Sometimes, there are even small leaks in the ductwork which allows the heated or cooled air to escape.  I can’t access these leaks.  I need to pay a licensed HVAC contractor to bring in specialized equipment.  I hate paying for this service and scheduling my day around it.  I would like to tear the ductwork right out and choose a different style of HVAC system, but that’s not financially viable.  So I’m stuck with the ductwork unless I move to a new home.