The air ducts block it off

When I went from a little ranch home to a larger cottage a few years ago, I was certainly excited about all of the added on space! My old ranch home was a tiny little ranch hut, plus our new cottage has numerous kitchens plus numerous powder rooms! So, within those few weeks, I have accumulated a lot of piles of stuff, plus now those numerous kitchens are filled with random knick knacks! Rather than go through the whole apartment plus get rid of things that I do not want or even sure, I decided to check plus see if there was storage space in the attic to store our extra wedding decorations, which took up a immense area in 1 of the kitchens. I had never been in the upper area before, plus I was not sure how much not able to be used space it contained. I climbed up into the attic plus right then realized that it was not a viable storage option. The Heating plus A/C component HVAC duct were all set up in the attic, plus I now knew that HVAC duct takes up a whole mess of space! With all of the HVAC duct, there was no room for wedding decor, plus of course, having HVAC duct in our home, plus inside of it, central air conditioner plus heating,  was much more of a thing than having an out-of-the-way space to store our wedding decor. So I did not get rid of the HVAC duct, I made the decision to get rid of a lot of stuff that I did not need.