night time temperature

For a bit now, I have been having the worst time regulating the home’s temperature at night. I used to always set our temperature control to 68 degrees at bedtime. I would be cool outside the covers plus perfectly sizzling under the sheets, then when the not even temperatures changed, plus the weather turned a bit chilly, I tried not turning on our air conditioner or heating at all in our house, then for numerous days, our apartment stayed between 70 plus 68 degrees without any mode of temperature control. At bedtime, however, I am having a harder time falling asleep, but now, 68 degrees feels just good to me, however when I set our oil furnace to 68 degrees, the actual warm air blowing on myself and others feels too heated. If I turn the temperature control down to 70 points, then both of us am too chilly to fall asleep without extra blankets, however when I use added sheets, I wake up in the heart of the night covered in my own filth. I have never had this issue at all; Within previous Winter seasons, I cannot even think on what I set our temperature control before! I was consistently happy though. I recognize I must have gotten more of a scrooge over the past year! I have been trying new temperature settings every night, plus lately, nothing has worked out right! I know now that the main concern is mainly in my head, plus if I could just stop focusing on the temperature control settings that I would be fine in the end.

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