Needed to repair car a/c

The story starts with the Summer after I graduated from college when I and my best friend Kiernan decided that it would be a good time to take a huge trip across the states. Kiernan and I were all excited and didn’t have any real things to think about at our house so Kiernan and I loaded up Kiernan’s blue pickup and headed to the states. Kiernan and I started off our trip in the west and there was some entirely great scenery to take in as Kiernan and I drove. There were lots of big wide open plains and grasslands that I had never seen before as Kiernan and I drove through that state. By the time Kiernan and I hit the south him and I had some car complications. Kiernan and I should have known that the seasoned blue pickup truck was really going to break down at some time in our trip, but Kiernan and I were eager so him and I didn’t entirely look at any things that didn’t spell a good time fo us. Kiernan and I popped multiple tires while heading down the highway and then the a/c broke a day after all of that mess. This was a big deal because it was really heated that summertime and when you have two big men crammed into a pickup it tends to heat it up even more. At 1 time I remember riding with my whole body and head hanging out the window just to get some cold air.

ac workman