Moving back home and HVAC

My daughter just moved back condo from school, plus it has been a whirlwind of a storm. She hasn’t been condo in four years, plus things have changed since she has been gone. Since our child graduated from school, my son thinks she knows everything. She has been butting heads with her father, about every subject imaginable. Yesterday, they got into an fight over our cooling and heating system. Her dad contacted our cooling and heating supplier, in order to schedule our yearly repair appointment. My daughter decided to pipe in with her opinion, plus was convinced that she could perform the HVAC repair without the aid of a professional. My hubby chose to schedule the appointment with the cooling and heating supplier anyways. My daughter started looking up hundreds of videos on YouTube, in order to discover out how to perform the cooling and heating tune up service. I must acknowledge, there were millions of videos plus tutorials online. My daughter was convinced that she could perform the repair on her own, plus she chose to call plus cancel the cooling and heating supplier. When our hubby found out about this, her dad started yelling plus screaming at our kid. I guess that our daughter was only trying to help, however she is fussing with her dad. My child is going to be living here for a while, while she decreases some of her student loans. I hope that things can beginning to get better, because I can’t deal with the arguing every single day. Both of us have a younger child who still lives with us, also. It has been nice to have the whole family together again.

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