I have really had enough

Just the other afternoon, I was hanging out with a nice neighbor of mine on a fishing trip. We both went on her incredibly nice boat. It actually had its own HVAC system. I couldn’t believe that my neighbor had A/C on her boat! This got us talking about HVAC systems. I told her I was thinking about upgrading mine since I felt it was time to get something more current. My neighbor said that it was smart to get a current energy efficient system. She definitely recommended getting a system with the Energy Star Label. She was telling me that you can get a really nice tax rebate for having such an energy efficient system. I thought that was nice motivation to go for something similar to that. I was asking about what the best type of HVAC system was, and she said her spouse and she loved their Radiant Heated Flooring. I didn’t know anything about that, so she explained it to me. She basically told me how there are a series of pipes set up under the floorboards that carry heated water which radiates heat up through the floors and the walls. All the surfaces in your household are perfectly heated in this fashion so there is not a chilly surface to speak of. She was saying how when they first got that type of HVAC system, the initial cost was expensive but it was well worth it. When she first stepped out of her shower with the current HVAC system, she was amazed to step onto warm tiles in the bathroom. She laughed, saying she could definitely never go without it in the future because she was spoiled by such perfect heating.

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