I can’t stop itching

I haven’t been to very many wedding ceremonies in my life, since no one in my family is jaded enough to want to get married and also due to the liberal nature of my best friends, who are in no hurry to settle down or start a family anytime soon. As such, I’ve only attended just a few ceremonies in my entire life. Frankly, through their disadvantages both of these events have taught me a real lesson about planning a ceremony one of these days; do not have it outdoors. The very first ceremony was on the beach, and the temperature was surprisingly low considering we were actually in the tropics, but it was frosty cold, windy, and moist outside. All the guests scurried into the heated hotel as soon as they could, however we were chilled to the bone and wishing for current conventional heating for the entire ceremony. The reception was equally cold and moist as the outdoor air polluted the hall’s indoor air. The other ceremony I attended was not so brutally cold, however the humidity and bugs absolutely ruined the entire experience. The sunlight was beating down on us non-stop, however the temperature was not so poor and the wind stayed absolutely manageable. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes were out in full force, contaminating the air in a different sort of way. Instead of shaking and bracing against the cold this time, I was continually swatting away nasty little blood suckers and feverishly itching my torn up legs. If I’ve learned something of value through these unpleasant formal events, it’s to host my own ceremony in the comfort and control of a completely current Heating, Ventilation, and A/C device.

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