HVAC equipment

In my opinion the best technological advance to come along in recent memory is a zone controlled HVAC system.  Today’s advanced heating and cooling systems allow people to adjust the temperature control to a different temperature in each individual room. As they allow people to create an environment at work or home, they’re perfect for all your heating and cooling needs.  I wish I had my own comfort controlled HVAC system when I had numerous roommates in school.  That would have averted the constant battling on adjusting the temperature control, which led to our eventual moves. The flexibility to set the temperature differently in each room would have saved us a lot of fights.  And when I got out of school, I wish I had worked in an office that had the feature benefit of zone controlled HVAC.  I remember working at the office shivering for hours because a coworker insisted on running the air conditioning at full blast, which was very inconsiderate.  Although I enjoyed my work, I was so uncomfortable in the office, I had to find a new job.  It’s unfortunate that an easy upgrade to an existing HVAC could have kept myself and others there. That’s something I’ll keep in mind if I ever own a business.  As people realize how comfortably smart zoning a home or office is, I expect it will eventually become a common standard feature.  That would save energy, improve health, and keep everyone happy.  Major kudos to the individual who invented zoning!  It’s a genius invention.

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