Humidity control problems

I don’t know what’s up with my wife’s child, but I swear he’s sick every single time we pick him up for visits. It seems awfully coincidental that right before we arrive he’s swiftly ill with some mysterious ailment. He doesn’t seem to fall sick often if we aren’t around, but this most recent visit has been no different from how it usually goes. We arrived in the city and went to pick up the little man around noon yesterday, and sure enough, he’s sick with either a head cold or a stomach bug, depending on what his Dad tells you. To make a long story short, now all the people in the apartment are sick too. I’ve been struggling with terrible fatigue and feverish symptoms myself, and I’m getting weary of being hot and cold constantly. Every few minutes it feels as though someone is cranking the temperature control wildly in a different direction. First, I felt that my body was incredibly cold, as if the Heating and A/C proposal was turned all the way down and the cooling system was working at full blast. I wrapped myself in tons of blankets trying to get warm, when swiftly my condition took a large turn and I was swiftly overheated! Now it felt as though I was kneeling directly next to the furnace, and the heating device was set to run at 200 degrees… I had to assume that the Heating and A/C was broken, and I hastily asked my wife. She informed myself and others that the temperature control device was set at 80. That’s when I realized that it wasn’t a faulty temperature control in question; I was just incredibly sick.