Holiday heating and air

This year is actually going to be my first Thanksgiving spent away from my family. Most years I manage to make it up to my hometown to be with my mom and my brothers, but this time I’m going down south with my guy to stay with his family. It is a little bit sad, but also indicative of big changes and our growing life together, so I’m trying to jazz myself up about it. It also doesn’t hurt that I have bad memories of Thanksgiving gone awry to reflect on. You see, last year our holiday got completely derailed when my mother’s HVAC unit failed on the morning of Thanksgiving. The two of us woke up early to start cooking only to find that the indoor air temperature was circling around 62 degrees. We attempted to bump up the thermostat, increasing the power of the oil furnace, but the temperature only continued to drop. At that point, my brother went to fiddle with the heater, but he returned disheartened and disheveled with no idea how to help the situation. Finally, we decided to call up every single HVAC corporation in the area, but not a single ventilation expert was available to diagnose the failed furnace. So we gave up and started plugging in electric and gas furnaces all over the house, which increased the air temperature in certain areas, but did not create an even temperature from room to room. The two of us tried to eat wrapped in blankets and coats. It was a brisk holiday weekend, plus our food was chilly before you could even say gobble.  

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