Hair in the a/c

My sibling Stella has just been living with me for around a month or so now, then she is driving me insane already. First our sibling never does any of the dishes here, cooks or cleans around the house. Second, she leaves our entire air conditioning plan running all of the time it seems! Third, she has the absolute worst dog in the world, then my sibling’s dog is huge, barks all of the time and always sheds here, but I do find some dog hair all over our entire apartment. I do vacuum, dust and scrub down every surface weekly. Still dog hair is littered all over our floor here. The worst is with our AC system that we have. The AC plan has air filters that catch dust from going right into the system. This keeps our air quality clean and lengthens the lifespan on the air conditioning that we have. But, since there is so much dog hair clogging the entire air filter, dust goes right into our system there. I do keep expecting our cooling plan to quit right one day. I change out our AC filter every other day it seems now. Still, there is a startling amount of hair in it too and also breathing in that very hairy filter cannot be wonderful for our health at all. My sibling says that I should really just get an air cleaner. That would clean out the air quality. I say the dog needs to go though. There would be absolutely no barking and no hair at all. The air filter would stay clean for months and there would be absolutely no pet dander in the air quality either. My sibling says that if the dog goes, she goes this time. I cannot tell you how tempting that offer is for me. I am trying to be a very wonderful person, however I don’t think I will last at all.

portable a/c