Coffee and HVAC

For some, coffee is just a tasteful drink. Others drink it as a afternoon pick me up or perhaps a midday energy boost, but I drink coffee because I think it is fascinating. The taste is entirely delectable, and the smell is even better. There are many weird kinds of coffee with weird tastes. I am passionate about coffee including where it comes from, the coffee beans themselves, the process of making the beverage, and of course the actual drink itself. This fascination led me to open my own coffee shop in the center of town. It is doing really well because of how meticulous I am when it comes to coffee. I brew everything fresh, so customers can experience the best I have to offer. There is one downside to this and that is how hot the drink is when it is brewed. One afternoon I actually ruined my HVAC unit because of it! I was in the back room going about my business when an employee brought me a fresh cup of coffee, then without thinking, I took a swig of the burning hot liquid. I spat it out as soon as I felt the pain, However, it was too late. Not only was my tongue burnt to a crisp, but I had spit out the coffee all over the furnace and air conditioner. I had turned my head to miss the laptop but I realized I had a direct hit on the HVAC units, luckily I had been saving up for a new HVAC unit so it was not a huge deal as our air conditioner had been having problems. Next time I will have to check how hot the coffee is before I drink it. I am no amateur, but I can not afford another HVAC system!

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