Bugs in the air ducts

Don’t you hate it when you have bugs in your house. I have been finding more bugs in my house lately. I can’t determine how it keeps happening; however, I have been discovering all kinds of bugs in odd places in my house. I had an insect business come out and spray the front yard about a week ago; however, that didn’t seem to alleviate the issue. I was defeated and had no idea how to resolve this issue. After trying to figure it out on our own for a couple of weeks, I decided that I should search the internet. I was hoping that other people might be able to give me some advice. I was looking on the internet for about 30 minutes when I saw an article that gave me some great information. They said they had to call a HVAC company to come out and assess the ductwork because the bugs were coming in through the air vents. Taat would make sense why the bug spraying wasn’t doing a thing. I called our local HVAC company and made an arrangement for them to come out and look at our ductwork. They told me that my ductwork was filled with holes and that I would need to have it researled. I knew this was going to be a lot of money, but I informed the HVAC company that they could go ahead and get started. I didn’t want to have any more bug problems. After they resealed it, I haven’t found another bug in our house. I am so thankful that they HVAC worker was able to diagnose the problem and make my life better.

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