Air purifier for the bar

My girlfriend is a football fanatic. She tries to watch any football game that she can on the television. Lucky for me, I think football is the best sport to watch; however, I don’t come close to enjoying football like my girlfriend does. My girlfriend’s favorite location to watch football is a local roadhouse that is about 30 minutes for our log cabin. I would love if the two of us could just watch the football game in the comfort of our cabin, but I finally gave up fighting for it. So I will go most Sundays up to the roadhouse and spend most of the day with my girlfriend watching football. The only thing that really bothers me about watching football at the roadhouse is the murky atmosphere. Sometimes it is taxing to catch your breath because I believe they don’t have an air purification plan installed. The smoke just fills the air, and it only seems to get thicker as the day goes on. The heating and cooling plan in the roadhouse also seems to be very outdated because the air seems to sit there motionless. It doesn’t believe there is any air ventilation at all. I want to talk to the manager about installing an air purification plan; however, I believe he would just kick me out of the bar. However, I entirely feel that an air purification plan would make the whole event more comfortable for all of the customers. Maybe I am the only one that would even care about pure air, so I don’t believe I am going to mention it to the manager. However, I do believe it would be amazing.

indoor air quality