AC in our dorms

My friends and I looked forward to moving out on our own for the first time. As summer came to an end, we all packed up to move out of our parents’ homes and head off to college. The way that the university had set things up, we had to live in the freshman dorm halls for the first year of school. The university did not want freshmen renting apartments. It wanted freshman to be able to focus on their studies instead of the troubles that are associated with renting student housing, or apartments.

Nevertheless, after freshman year was over, I knew I had to get out of the dorms. I couldn’t stand it there. The noises, the smells, the disgusting bathrooms, plus being woken up every night by random fire alarms. To make matters worse, our dorm hall’s HVAC systems were always experiencing troubles. It did not seem to be anything in particular, but at least once a month, our HVAC systems would break down. When cold weather arrived, our heat would go out. The HVAC contractor could usually have the heating systems repaired and running within hours, but that was long enough without heat for it to get really cold in our dorm rooms. Then as soon as the hot weather started, our a/c became the problem child. It was a similar thing in that case; they would usually have the cooling system fixed before the day was over, but not being able to open any windows, our dorm rooms were stifling. Plus the indoor air pollen levels would become super stagnant before it was all said and done. The local HVAC repair workers were probably truly so sick and tired of working on our weather confused HVAC system.