The heater sources

My partner and I have been in an confrontation for weeks over which type of heating unit to install in our home. It’s an older townhouse that was built around 1920. It has two floors as well as several bedrooms. I guess the total square footage is around 1,500! We just recently updated all of the windows as well as insulation and now are ready to have a good heating unit installed. We think that with a new, energy-efficient system, our utilities will go down quite a bit next year. Now we just need to agree on what type of heating plan to install, but my partner wants to use propane. I, on the other hand, want to use electric. We both have crunched the numbers, talked to countless HVAC companies, as well as did a lot of research online, yet still can’t agree on a heating system. And the main reason why I am so set on having an electric heating unit is because I would love to someday install solar panels and run the heating idea using those solar panels. However, my partner thinks electric heat would be far too extravagant and wants to install propane because it’s a lot cheaper upfront. If the electric grid happens to go out during a storm, we can still have use of the propane for heating and cooking. We are completely stuck and ready to just flip a coin, but since my partner usually ends up winning and makes some good points, I have a feeling he is going to end up winning! I think I should just let him win so I don’t have to talk to him about this heating concern anymore!

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