The cooling is super great

Imagine that you need your job so badly that you have to take on responsibilities that you never would normally do. Although it’s super embarrassing, you still need to do it just so you can keep your job that pays your bills. Unfortunately, this happened to me when I was asked to put on a costume and wave a huge sign in front of my work. To make it much worse, it was a gorilla suit, and i was supposed to be a dancing gorilla. I was supposed to dance in the sun, on a hot summer time day. I went from my job of working inside, in the nice crisp air conditioner, to standing on the cement covered in a fur suit. The suit, let me tell you, is as far away from cool air conditioner as you can get. It traps in hot air, and repels cold, somehow. Even when I would take a break and run inside to cool down, I couldn’t get the A/C through the heavy suit. I would have  someone unzip me down the back, and I stood next to the air vents. That was the only thing that would actually help, feeling that chilly blast of A/C blowing in through the open back was the best feeling ever. It was a few minutes of cooling relief, a brief break from the feeling of actually working inside a raging gas furnace. Sadly, the A/C breaks never last long enough, and within minutes I’m back outside in my suit waving the sign around. I would love to have a portable A/C equipment I can hook into this gorilla costume!