The air conditioning installation

I really enjoy working outdoors, and I always have! As a kid, it earned me a lot of extra cash. I loved mowing, raking leaves, and getting chores from neighbors all over the city! If it was too hot, most people wanted to stay indoors. I however would be out laboring and making money. This was great income all throughout highschool, but as a grown man making  a living off of outdoor labor is not a promising source of income. If I were to work  indoors, I would have to put on a tie, and work in a cubicle. I can’t imagine that, which is how I got into the Heating, Ventilation and A/C business. I enjoy working for a pretty big corporation that specializes in industrial and corporation Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C maintenance. We don’t do residential systems at all. This is best for me, because I enjoy spending most mornings up on roofs, or unloading trucks with a forklift. I also enjoy working on AC units and installing ductwork. Most people would hate carrying around heavy heating, ventilation and A/C units all day long in the sun, but not me. If I had ever been a big fan of air conditioning I legitimately wouldn’t have taken this work, but I don’t like AC, even when I’m home I usually don’t run my home unit often. I prefer it to be hot, I like the sunshine. Plus on the scarce chance I need to cool down I can always go for a swim. AC units are my work, but I just don’t like them.

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