Start with having a good heater

As one of the veterans from The Greatest Generation, I have always talked about the guys in our military (and the ladies too) with pride. Even though most of us from that generation are now gone, there are still a few of us around. The other day, I met a fellow veteran named Mike when I stopped into the VFW. It was freezing cold out and I wanted to have supper and this place has amazing meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Real comfort food. Anyway, while I was eating, Mike came in with his motorcycle jacket and veterans’ cap on. He walked on in and sat down to supper in a comfortably heated, temperature controlled environment. Then he told me all about his family, and the times they had way back when he was a child. He played in the woods with his younger brother, Billy.  He told me about the place they lived in, and the big fireplace that kept them all warm, in addition to how they appreciated each other, their house, and even their community. I thought, while sitting there listening to him, of how proud I am to be a fellow veteran. As the sunlight was waning away, I could see that it was getting colder out. We were nice and toasty in the heated eating establishment – and we weren’t too far from the air vents, either, so I was glad to continue listening to him talk. The temperature dropped outside but the furnace kept everyone warm inside the temperature-controlled eating establishment. In fact, the air quality is so enjoyable at this place that I usually don’t even notice when the cook starts cooking fried peppers or onions, but I did notice how much the veteran enjoyed his meal.