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       I endelight the company of the elderly; however, can’t say why, but it really has something to do with being raised by my Grandparents. I find that older people have a lot of good stories and insight into the world, and a lot of people just don’t want to listen. They can be sharp, and kind, and are often times lonely, and I suppose they make good friends. I’ve been spending time with an outdated timer named Sheldon who hangs out on the deck outside her outdated folks home, and on nice mornings I will go by and rest with him and all of us will talk, then she likes to tell stories about working for the city back in the day, fixing furnaces and heaters in giant buildings. Those were different times back then, and a lot of the work she did had nothing to do with temperature control and everything to do with public health. If the heater in a building was not working, that wasn’t a priority. It was the malfunctioning heater putting natural oil vapor into the air that was the priority, then sheldon wasn’t really an A/C service man, she was more of an EMT for sick and dying heating systems. She estimates that she and her crew really saved various thousands of lives over the years just by fixing their broken heaters. She enjoys to rest outside, because after all those years of working on defective and dangerous oil heaters she still doesn’t trust them. She lies to say that the only gas heater she trusts is the sun, and who could blame him?

Having climate control

       Sometimes, all it takes to relax is to breathe easy. Sounds crazy, maybe; however, suppose about it for a hour — your brain controls your body, so when your mind is stressed, so is your body, and, but no matter what the circumstances are, if you can control it mentally then you can control it physically, and i’m not talking about super powers here, just exploring what the human mind is capable of. Some people can block out pain just by concentrating, and other people can put off sleeping for afternoons on end. I spent a few months with a spiritual woman in the mountains who had developed complete temperature control! No, not climate control, that would imply controlling the environment around him, but this was internal temperature control as well as regulation, the woman never got too sizzling or too cold, no matter what the outside temps were. I wanted to learn temperature control from him; however, all she would tell myself and others was it was all mental, and with the right frame of mind I could particularly control my body’s natural heating as well as cooling functions, and during the hottest afternoon of the year, she wouldn’t even sweat, like she was lounging in a/c; however, and while the snows of Wintertideraged outside her hut, I would huddle next to a space heating system while she walked around separate from a shirt. The mastery of her own body was so wonderful she told it if it needed heating up or cooling off, as well as she was never uncomfortable. I never mastered it myself, so I still rely on my trusty old heating and A/C system.

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That cool breeze is awesome

I certainly miss the cool breeze of springtime, before summer begins to rear its ugly head, just around the corner.  Springtime is my favorite of all four seasons, because I love the way my neighborhood always smells of blooming flowers. This is certainly the time of the year, when I can open up the windows & just let the breeze flow through the entire house. Nature provides us with her own bouquet of floral fragrances & I cannot help myself, & I get lost in the scent all day long. By the date that we reach the beginning of summer, it is far too hot outside to leave the windows open any longer and instead, the two of us rely on our air conditioner system. My husband, Mike & I have a fairly nice air conditioner unit in our home, and when the two of us purchased the condo a few years ago, there was already a newly installed HVAC unit included, as part of the sale. That was the biggest reason why Mike & I ultimately chose this particular  home. The heating and air conditioning equipment was brand-new, and quite state-of-the-art, with a 5 year warranty included on the new system. We were ecstatic to have no worries about our HVAC system, at least not for the next several years anyway, & that was a huge relief to both of us.  The other reason that we wanted this house was because of the multiple palm trees in the backyard. They are the most loveliest palm trees that I have ever seen in my life, & they provide the most charming landscape of our in-ground pool. In fact, Mike and I set up a hammock between the palm trees, so that the two of us can enjoy the cool spring breeze nightly.

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We love the anniversary

I was happily helping my sister look for houses recently, however, I was troubled by the houses that were available! My sister had a very distinct list of required items that she knew she absolutely wanted to find in her future home. Some of these items were regular and basic, such as her preference for vaulted ceilings and hardwood floors.  Other items were more hard to find, such as a modern heating and air conditioning system.  She had already seen a half dozen houses that had bad HVAC systems, and then the two of us even viewed a place where  they claimed a window air conditioner unit was a central heating, ventilation, & A/C system!  I know my sister wanted to find a small place with a very new central heating and air conditioning unit, at least almost-new. She was searching for a house with an air conditioner to be fewer than 3 years old, plus it must still be in perfect working condition. It seems her preferences create a tall order, but that is because my sister did not want to have to repair anything that might be expensive during the first several years of her new house payments. She is particular because this is the first time that she will have to be responsible for a mortgage, and she certainly wants to always be able to make that monthly mortgage debt. I am unmistakably proud of my sister, because she has most definitely come a long way since we were kids.  My sister graduated from the university a few years ago, with a degree in child psychology and she found a job almost immediately, plus she has been saving cash ever since that afternoon graduation day. She was finally able to save enough cash to have that big down payment for her modern home and I cannot blame her for wanting everything to be picture-perfect, even if that includes the HVAC system.

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It got very chilly

I assume it would be hard to find someone who doesn’t agree that vacations are great. The time off of work, the thrill of a new environment, and the complete relaxation of being in foreign scenery is all so fantastic that it’s hard to come back to real life. Unfortunately, I assume you would also have a taxing time finding anyone who disagrees that the return to reality after a trip can be seriously frustrating. There’s nothing similar to the realization that work, university, and responsibilities are about to start again. It is even worse if you live in a seasonal climate as I do, because the arrival after a trip is terrible during the Fall and Winter. You get out of the safety of the warm, heated car, and are struck by the cold air and rapidly decreasing temperatures. The feeling of cold, wet air slamming into your face and surrounding your entire body is nothing short of shocking. You grab your bags and scurry into the house only to realize that the control unit has been turned off for weeks and the indoor air temperature is dangerously low! Now you have to try to unpack your bags without the comfort of satisfactory central heating. The heating plan constantly takes hours to heat up the house and bring it to the targeted temperature setting. It’s very hard not to crawl back into bed for warmth. The call to reality after a holiday is already so hard; I honestly wish there was a way to circumvent the unpleasantness of going back and combatting brutally cold air.  

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The heating and cooling components

A few years ago I was in a relationship that I still feel guilty about to this day. She was a nice girl who really liked me but I just couldn’t bring myself to be in a relationship at the time! I don’t understand if it was because I was so busy or if it was because I just wasn’t interested enough to make it work. Either way I still feel like an ass about the situation. We hung out for a year or two and had a lot of fun together. I got along with her family and enjoyed staying at their nice big loft quite often. The loft had an intense Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system and they regularly kept it at about seventy degrees. I thought this was amazing, because my mother barely turned on our own cooling system so I loved being able to enjoy the cool, dry air. I don’t know how high their energy bills were but I would suppose that they paid a pretty penny for the central cooling. I also distinctly remember that they had a very expensive air purification system in their house. It somehow tied in to the rest of their central Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system and worked to extract all airborne particles as the air cycled through the normal heating and cooling components. This was especially needed, because they liked to smoke cigarettes in the house. What nice folks and an interesting family they were, Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C and all. 

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This yoga room is great

I entirely love being active plus reaping the benefits of exercise mentally and physically. I’ve found that there’s no better way to balance our minds and physiology than a steady pattern of intense exercise. I have gotten into running and hiking over time, however, my favorite form of working out is yoga. Yoga is my favorite without a doubt. I started this activity back in the middle of summer when it was too sizzling outside to run. It helped me to get a solid workout in a highly air conditioned environment. The exercise also entirely improved the condition of my painful shoulders so I was glad to do yoga any time possible. The only concern was how pricey the classes were. That’s when I decided to set up my own yoga studio at home where I can practice for free. First I installed a powerful window A/C unit for the room. The window unit seemed like a better plan than trying to use the overall central cooling system since I only needed the cool, dry air to be pumped into that single space. The A/C was perfect for doing intense yoga, because it kept the air at an optimally cool temperature. I eventually decided that I also wanted to do sizzling yoga; more Heating equipment would be necessary to make that happen. Luckily, I found a superb deal on small electric space heaters. With all of these little HVAC units running at full blast my yoga room is sizzling and steamy just the way it should be for a hot yoga exercise.

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I always liked running

I am so frustrated with our weather patterns lately; I can’t trust anyone, when comes to weather. My cell phone weather app will provide a totally different temperature than my laptop weather app on any given afternoon. Don’t get me started on the cable weatherman’s forecast. I can’t even remember when they were really accurate in their predictions. My beach house has been entirely uncomfortable lately. I have heating that is supplied by the beach house building, which comes up through the radiator. The biggest downside of this type of heating is that you cannot predict when it will turn on. Additionally, it never stays on for as long as you need it. It is entirely just a temporary type of heating in my book, so I basically just bundle up. However, we have experienced the strangest of heat waves passing through. It used to be once a year and were short in duration. But, lately we are experiencing more heat waves than normal. Unfortunately, they are lasting a lot longer than they ever did before. The one thing I truly can’t tolerate is trying to sleep in the heat. It is impossible. It was getting untolerable lately. I was coming to work exhausted and my managers were starting to notice. I needed a solution fast. I decided to rent a window box a/c. I didn’t want to make the purchase until I knew that I was going to need it more frequently. Plus, I wanted to see how much it would cost. It turned out that renting wasn’t as pricey as owning for the amount of use I needed.

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Let’s get that heater ready

How people think that their appliances can run without any basic service maintenance is beyond me. I see it time and time again as an HVAC businessman. People will use their heating and A/C units until they crash and burn, then they will wonder why it happened. I constantly say to them, you have to treat your appliances like you would treat your body. Your body needs basic care in order to stay healthy all year long. It needs food, water and to be cleaned on a proper basis. Well, your heating and A/C systems is an intricate appliance and no different from your body. It can’t just run on empty for hours on end, any given morning of the week. For instance, the air filters are what protects you from the germs. It is taking those bad things out of the air and trapping them within the air filters, so you can breathe lighter. Now, what do you possibly suppose happens to those air filters over time? They get clogged! They need to be changed out every few weeks, and if your home has more than a few pets, you can guarantee that you will be decreasing air filters even more often. If you fail to do this easy service job, I am telling you that your systems will crash and burn. Air filters aren’t even that expensive. But, the cost of a current Heating and A/C method due to lack of service is extraordinary, not to mention ridiculous! Start treating your heating and cooling method the same way you treat your body. Start by setting up appointments with your local Heating and A/C worker to prevent breakage.

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Installing ceiling fans to trim cost of running furnace and air conditioner –

Every spring and fall, I completely clean my house from top to bottom.  I move furniture to shampoo the rugs, wash all of the curtains, and scrub every corner.  I even get up on a ladder to wash the ceilings and light fixtures.  This past October, I climbed up on the ladder, set to work, and immediately started sweating.  I realized that the temperature near the floor was much lower than the temperature up by the ceiling.  While sitting on the couch, I was forced to bundle up in a sweater to keep warm.  While standing up on the ladder, I was way too warm.  I was definitely paying higher than necessary energy bills, because most of my heat was rising straight up to the ceiling.  The furnace was forced to work much harder because of this.  I did some research into the problem, and decided to invest in ceiling fans.  The ceiling fans have made a major improvement in comfort and continue to save me money year round.  During the winter months, the fan blades help to push the heated air downward, keeping it closer to the floor.  This has reduced the workload and running time of the furnace, which trims monthly bills and minimizes wear and tear.  I’m hoping the furnace will succumb to fewer malfunctions and last longer.  In the summer, I reverse the operation of the ceiling fan, using its rotation to push the heat up and out of the house.  This has definitely improved comfort, helped with humidity, and saved money on my electric bills.  The ceiling fans are quite attractive, were easy to install and not overly expensive.  The investment has definitely paid for itself.

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