Heating for the holidays

 Christmas means I can light the fireplace.  I put the pot on the hearth and I can pop popcorn.  We sit by the hearth and tell stories and sip eggnog.  My favorite part of the Christmas fireplace, is now it is always there to warm us up when we return from a day of sledding.  Even though we are all grown-ups now, all my siblings and I love to play in the snow, when we visit at Christmas.  We all come to our cabin in the mountains, where it is almost guaranteed that there will be snow.  We make snowmen, and we have huge snowball fights.  It is so much fun, but we are getting to where we can’t handle the snow and cold like we once did.  We make several returns to the house and to the fireplace to warm up.  We also tip back a couple of hot buttered rums, and some spiced cider, and then return to the great outdoors.  We still have the HVAC going, because there a few of us that prefer the insides.  Mom and dad are a couple of them, and we have to make sure the house is always warm for them.  As my wife and mom cook the Christmas dinner, they enjoy the warmth of the heaters in the kitchen and the family room.  That’s when us guys sit in front of the fireplace, kick off our shoes, and talk about football and the old days.  I hope to always have that fireplace working in that cabin, because it is a big part of our Christmas tradition.  

Huge blast of a/c

My wife loved frozen yogurt, and every time we were out shopping, we had to stop at this little shoppe and buy some ice cream.  We also liked to sit inside and eat, because it had such a lovely atmosphere and terrific air conditioning.  We had just about finished our yogurt, and we were getting ready to face the heat of the afternoon, when we heard and saw the wildest thing.  You are always seeing these cars that drive into buildings, for no reason, but we never expected it to happen to us.  The van came bouncing into the main part of store, barely missing some of the customers.  Glass shattered everywhere, and we could feel the air conditioning rushing out of the building and through the hole in the glass.  The police soon arrived, and they got everyone’s statement.  The driver was still in the van, and we could music playing and the air conditioner running.  He had his head in his hands, and I wondered if he was sick.  When the police pulled him out of the car, we all realized it was just a kid.  He had been texting his girlfriend, and he wasn’t paying attention to the road.  Other than the loss of air conditioning, and a few frightened people, the worst thing that happened was the glass in front was broken, but no one was hurt.  There was one frightened boy who was begging to be put in jail so he didn’t get killed by his father.  My wife and I went to our car, and went home to finish our talk, in the privacy of our own air conditioning.


1st time feeling cooling

When my grandparents emigrated to the United States, they had never know about air conditioning.  Everyone had their houses facing to catch the wind as it swept down from the mountains and there was no need for air conditioning, anywhere in their little village.  When they got the opportunity to move to the United States and start a new life for their children, they took the chance and moved away.  They were in awe of the large buildings that greeted them, and in fear because of the many doors and windows that were closed.  Grandpa thought they would all die from the heat, without windows opened to let in the fresh air.  Grandma was the one who was more practical, and she said they probably all had fans to keep them cool.  I can only imagine their shock, when they encountered air conditioning.  They moved in with a cousin who had emigrated a year earlier.  She had moved with the company she worked for, and she was making really good money, and she now lived in a modern apartment that had air conditioning.  Grandma said they froze those first couple of weeks.  Air conditioning was more intense than the gentle breezes that blew in from the outside.  They were borrowing extra blankets, sweaters, and jackets.  By the time they were able to get their own home, they were used to the air conditioning, and they couldn’t wait to get an air conditioning that was as good as their cousin.  Grandpa says he said a huge thank you to whomever invented the great air conditioner, as he adjusted the thermostat in their first real home.

ac tune up

I’m a bit disappointed

I regret letting my children watch horror movies before bedtime! Lately they have been jumpier than ever.  I have to announce myself before entering their room or risk scaring them out of their skins! Every evening, their bedtime routine involves checking under the bed for monsters, checking the closet for vampires, and tucking them in truly tightly so that nothing can get to them.  They’ve also started to sleep with night-lights, something they never needed before. Two days before Halloween, they had watched a particularly scary movie and after finishing the bedtime requirements with my husband, we said “goodnight” and went to our own bed. Around midnight, we heard a screeching noise. At first, it only lasted a few minutes, but then it got louder and lasted longer.   We weren’t scared because we knew it was just the blower on our heater. We had to get it fixed every year. The kids however thought that something was out to get them. They ran into our room crying and screaming and crawled in with us. We had to shut the heating system off in order for them to fall back to sleep. The following day my husband called our heating and a/c serviceman, and he was kind enough to squeeze us into his full schedule due to our “special circumstances.” After he fixed the heater, the sound went away, but the memory of that evening will never go away.

professional HVAC 

Chemistry and air cleaners

I love chemistry classes, and how we are able to make some pretty spectacular explosions while in class.  I also like that I can come home and duplicate the explosions.  I know my mom worries that I am a budding terrorist or arsonist, but the explosions themselves are really cool.  Today, I came home, and told mom that I needed to get some studying done.  I knew they were going to a meeting that night, and I would have some time alone.  I couldn’t wait to try out the newest experiment that I had done in school.  Never mind the fact that the school had a special air filtering system just for the chem lab, and we didn’t have a special air filter system, I was going to do the experiment.  After the car lights disappeared, I set everything out, and I was ready.  I was so pleased with the sound of the boom and the huge puff of smoke that came out of the vial.  It was the craziest and coolest thing, but I forgot about all of the smoke, and the smell.  The smoke was so acrid that it burned my nose.  I immediately turned on the air conditioning, and I put the fan on high.  I had the windows open, hoping that the fresh air would be pulled in while the air conditioning fan was pulling out the smoke.  I was choking and hoping that all of my efforts with the air conditioning would be able to clear the air before mom got home.  I did a really good job, and the only thing that could have hinted she knew, was when she asked why the air conditioning was so low.

air cleaner

Something wrong with the HVAC zone control

My wife as well as I live right on the west coast. We reside in a substantial city. Because it is so extravagant to buy a decent family house, all of us are still renting. It is not the ideal situation, but it works for us. Last month all of us traveled back to our wife’s hometown on the east coast. It is a small neighborhood nestled in the hills. It was the middle of Autumn, so the leaves on the trees were a gorgeous site. I had been there a handful of times in the past, as well as while it is a wonderful site, there is nothing to do. We stayed with our in-laws. They were quite ecstatic to have us. Their apartment is really old, but classic looking. They own several square miles of land. My father-in-law wanted to take me hunting. I had never shot a rifle before. It was fun, but absolutely out of our comfort zone. When all of us returned, the place felt really chilly. My father-in-law told me that their Heating plus Air Conditioning plan had been giving them some  complications. He recommended that maybe  I  could help him service it. I did not suppose anything about Heating plus Air Conditioning systems. We had always rented our apartment, so I had never even seen our Heating plus Air Conditioning system in person! My father-in-law insisted that I help him in the basement. I followed him down into the dark basement as well as allowed him to take the lead on this issue. I had no clue what I was even looking at when he pointed to a section of the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. I was just a financial advisor! I was not an Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer. I recommended to him that all of us call an Heating plus Air Conditioning company, but the man just insisted that they never suppose what they are doing.

HVAC service plan

Temperature control is not idea

When our spouse recommended to me that all of us make some updates to our home, I was absolutely excited. I wanted a sparkling brand new kitchen, as well as new landscaping in the front yard. However, he did not necessarily mean getting absolutely extravagant updates, just small things around the house. I knew I would probably never get the kitchen of our dreams. My spouse thought that all of us might like a new climate control for the house. The new climate control was hideous as well as quite old. It was a dial climate control, which came with the apartment when all of us bought it 10 years ago. I had no system what a nice climate control looked like, so all of us browsed online. My spouse found a smart climate control that he absolutely liked. He also liked the system of being able to control the climate control from our iphones. This was an interesting concept that would be rather useful to us. We bought the climate control as well as had our Heating plus Air Conditioning company install it. He showed us how to download the application on our iphones as well as tablets. We could now entirely control the temperature inside our apartment from this application. It was so very exciting to be able to change the temperature of our apartment from the grocery store or even the mall. But when the application got an replace, it would no longer pair up with our climate control. We had only had the climate control for more than one months at this point as well as it no longer worked. I was so disappointed that all of us spent all this cash on the climate control as well as it’s upgrade, only to have it not work. Technology can be rather disappointing.

smart thermostat

State of the art HVAC

I agree that my current new home is absolutely small, but I adore it. Everything is current plus ever so charming. The location is ideal plus overlooks the ocean.  The current home was tastefully decorated and designed, so I was glad to take it despite its size. All of the appliances are current plus energy efficient, including our control unit. It responds to all conditions; I am absolutely glad with my purchase. The current home is so small that the oven can cause the temperature to get very hot pretty quickly.  Whenever I use our new, powerful oven, I can believe the temperature rise very quickly. This also happens when I use our dryer or run the shower with tepid water. The temperature changes absolutely fast in our current home simply because it is so small. However, our landlord invested in a cutting edge, state of the art heating plus cooling units throughout the entire building. My smart thermostat control component responds so quickly to the temperature change that I barely believe the speed of the change for more than five minutes. It is so nice that I don’t have to overthink these minor details. I inspected this theory out while both of us were in our housewarming party. I had 18 people over, which is a lot considering the size of the apartment. It was a cold day, but it was so hot inside our apartment. I had the heat on prior to everyone’s arrival, but when the party filled up, it became too warm for us. The control component sensed this plus adjusted absolutely quickly! At our old place, everyone would be uncomfortable at our parties because the temps  would rise too quickly. I adore the fact that this is no longer an issue for me!

HVAC technology

Evaluation for a heater

I recently started my current task in a little town on the other side of the country.  I adore working there; the task is everything I ever hoped for. I am an elementary school professor plus I have amazing students. The only thing that really bothers me about our current task is the heating plus cooling system. My classroom is always too humid or too cold. I always overheat in the afternoons. I’m not sure if they keep the furnace running at night, but the first few minutes of school are always unbearably warm, despite the chilly weather conditions outside. Then, halfway through our school day, it changes up and rapidly becomes absolutely cold. I find myself wrapped up in layers plus doing everything I can to remain warm. My teenagers also complain about these conditions; I usually let them wear their winter coats to help keep them warm. Many professors have complained about this ongoing problem plus brought it to the administration’s attention. All of us found out that our heating plus cooling systems are really quite old, plus the control component struggles to maintain our building at a comfortable temperature. All of us were hoping that since they believe this is a real problem, that they were planning to replace it soon. Unfortunately, it is not in this year’s discretionary budget. They had a free evaluation done plus found out that it would take upwards of thousands of dollars to repair the issue for the entire building. I guess all I can do is try to dress warmly, in layers, so that I can adjust our clothing as the temperature changes. I just hope my great  students can handle these conditions for the remainder of the year. I hope next year’s budget will address and repair these troubles!

heating maintenance

Fixing my A/C unit

You know, kids say the funniest things, and last week my daughter told me that her 4-year-old told her that he wanted to dress up as “the A/C man” for Halloween; When my daughter asked him why, he said, “Because he is mean and bad.” For a toddler, that’s a pretty great description of the truth. My daughter and son in law had the most horrific experience with their A/C repairman! The first thing that they disliked is that he kept rescheduling the appointment. When he finally showed up, he was almost an hour late. My daughter said that he worked slowly and that he would frequently take breaks to be on the phone when he was charging them an hourly rate.  Then he said that they had to replace a certain part of the air conditioner unit, and told them where they could buy the part. They went to the store, bought the part they needed (which wasn’t cheap of course) and gave it to the A/C repairman. As far as they knew, he upgraded the part like he was supposed to, charged his fee, and left.  One week later, their A/C broke, but when they called the man, they could not get in touch with him. They ended up calling an heating and air conditioning repair company to come and look at their unit. The licensed repairman told them that the man that had “fixed” their unit had not replaced the part at all but had just patched it up, and he had done that poorly.  No wonder my grandson had such a horrible opinion about the man.  I can just imagine everything he heard from his parents at the dinner table.

A/C installation