Our noisy a/c unit

Recently, I was asked to speak at a conference for my supplier, since as a consultant, I am certainly used to traveling around the country, staying in hotels, and fighting jet lag! I usually sleep soundly in my hotel room with the air conditioning system blasting and a big comfy king-sized bed. I rarely ever have trouble sleeping but I am undeniably not used to presenting speeches in public. I have the worst stage fright! By the time I arrived at my hotel the day before the conference, I was already starting to feel a bit edgy. I unpacked my things and hung up my suit, and then turned on the air conditioning system in the hotel room. It wasn’t exactly scorching outside, but I enjoy when it’s freezing in my hotel room because it helps me sleep better. When it was time for bed, I tried to sleep but I was feeling a bit anxious. I was tossing and turning in my bed for at least an hour. When I finally started to feel a bit more calm, the air conditioning system in the hotel room started making these loud banging and buzzing noises. I heard a loud clang that made my heart skip a beat, so now between the air conditioning system noises and my nerves, there was no way I was going to be able to sleep that night. I rolled over every which way all night long, cursing at the air conditioning system.The next morning, I looked and felt dreadful. I delivered my speech with as much zeal as I could muster but to be frank, I was too weary to be nervous. Luckily, everyone said it was fantastic, to my surprise. Afterward, I went back to my hotel and asked to be changed to an entirely different room. When I arrived, I turned on the air conditioning system and took a long nap.

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