Mud room and radiant floors

My daughter and son-in-law live in one of those northern states where it’s cold many months out of the year, but she has called me with stories about being snowed in for a whole month or having to trudge through many feet of snow to get to the car. I don’t know how they can stand it. She says that the worst part of living in such a cold temperature is the mess it makes of her house. Between the mud and snow, she says, the house doesn’t stay clean for more than a day. A month ago, she decided that she had enough, and that it was time to solve this problem once and for all. She had her husband add a mudroom to their cabin. Not only that, but she asked to have radiant floors inside the mudroom as well, her reasoning is that instead of having the snow be tracked in and spread all over the house, if the floors of the mudroom are warm, the snow melts and can be wiped up. She also said it would be nice to walk into a nice hot room when you come inside the house and take your coat off. She doesn’t keep the heat on much. When the installer came to her house to put the radiant floors in, she couldn’t understand why my daughter would want such a thing. She had to explain it all to him before she would even sign the contract. She said the man kept arguing that she didn’t know it would be a wonderful idea. Finally, my daughter got frustrated and asked him to leave. She found another installer who did the job, all without asking as many questions. She is legitimately excited with the way it turned out.   

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