Hoping for climate control this time

Over the Summer I job at a local concert arena! My buddy Brad plus I both job there however got jobs in bizarre departments… Brad got a job in the concession area, however he is inside working with food plus beer. Basically he cracks beer, grabs pretzels plus dumps pretzels into bowls for a couple hours, then i got the job as a ticket scanner. I am outside with our component waving people over plus admitting them into the show, then the job is steady plus not too bad, however when the weather is just right, I like being outside plus Brad is jealous. The temperatures vary in our Summer though, so often I am jealous of Brad because he has Heating plus A/C access. I have stood outside in the pouring rain before plus our buddy is toasty dry with the arena’s oil furnace on. I also have dealt with tons of wind plus freezing weather; Again, no heating access is awful. The worst plus most frequent is the tepid nights though, our Summer weather can get tepid plus humid. I have no shade or cover from the sun. I basically get cooked alive the whole shift. Brad is totally contained undercover with nice cooling in the building. He works in A/C plus comes up-to-date home smelling care about food. How even-handed is that? I job in total sunshine, no food, no lavatory plus no form of climate control. At least I deal with people only briefly. I scan them plus they leave me alone. Brad has to literally serve them plus deal with the drunks. I suppose it is worth it to have quality cooling though.

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