Ductless cooling for my bedroom

I am going through menopause, & the hot flashes are not fun. Every so often, I get so very overheated that I sweat profusely, which is horribly uncomfortable, and occasionally it can even be embarrassing. When most people are nice & cool, I have perspiration running down my back. I have done research & I have tried many remedies to alleviate this problem. I’ve given up beer & alcohol and I’m even drinking more water & taking vitamins to combat them. Sadly, I have noticed no improvement whatsoever. The flashes are the worst at night. I frequently wake up from a sound sleep, because I am so overheated. I then fling off all of the covers, & then I sit and wait for the hot flash to pass. I usually start start shivering, & so I need to retrieve all of the blankets. The only thing that helps with my flashes is the ductless mini split that is now installed in my study room. The ductless device is a heat pump & it manages to combine both heating & cooling capability. It is securely and permanently mounted up high on the wall, & I rely on it for temperature control all year, even when I’m not having hot flashes! The heat pump is operated by a cordless remote, which truly comes in handy for me. When I wake up overheated, I can simply tap one button on the remote. It abruptly decreases the temperature setting & it increases the amount of chilly air hitting me. And once the hot flash finally passes, I can readjust the operation of the heat pump without getting out of bed to do it. Because the heat pump is attractively energy efficient, it doesn’t cost me a fortune to consistently adjust it night after night.