Better HVAC workman

As soon as the HVAC repair technician finished his inspection of my air conditioning unit, he told me that someone had improperly rewired the system. He asked me if I had tried to work on the air conditioning system myself. At first, I was not going to tell him about the HVAC repair company that I had used previously, but I ended up telling him that we had service and maintenance done on the air conditioner a few days prior. He asked me what HVAC company I had used, and when I told him the name for the place, he said that he had never heard of the supplier before. He asked me why I had not just called them out to fix the air conditioning system themselves, and I told him that the previous HVAC technician said that he only dealt with basic repair and maintenance. My new HVAC repair man laughed at me while I told him that, and he reminded me that we get what we are willing to pay for. He said it was obvious that whoever had worked on the unit before him did not know very much about air conditioners and how to maintain them. He told me that a repair technician had probably watched a couple of maintenance videos online and decided to enter into the HVAC restoration and maintenance business. He said that all reputable HVAC repair technicians take an actual class and become certified in HVAC systems. He fixed my A/C unit within several minutes, but the bill for his services was not cheap. At least I know it will be worth it this time.

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