Allergies and the indoor air

Allergies are the absolute worst… They can strike out of nowhere, as well as end up ruining your whole afternoon, however even if they don’t cause you to change your plans or send you quickly back home, they can still get in the way of whatever you want to do that afternoon: the beach, motion pictures, shopping, a drastic allergy attack can crash them all! And no one knows that better than me, because I know I’m allergic to just about everything, This includes pet dander, dust, pollen, as well as just about any other airborne contaminant.  These often cause my sinuses to light up like a volcano.  My one refuge in the entire world it seems is my little cottage, where I have installed a particularly high tech air conditioning unit. This small but powerful A/C unit did not come with the apartment.  It has central Heating as well as Air Conditioning installed. But that system is outdated and worn out, as well as the air filters are garbage and do not help with dust irritations, I needed a high powered solution, as well as efficient little A/C unit with new air filters. This new system is more like a big air filtration component than a cooling unit., although it can help keep the home cooll. But the temperature control is not the problem for me, with as bad as the air quality is here in the midwest. I learned that this new system uses HEPA air filters, as well as removes over 99% of all allergens from the air.  But when I am at home, our dust irritations are always at their lightest, all thanks to this awesome little air conditioning unit.

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