A/C system in the school

It was almost thirty years ago that I went to high school. It blows my mind to when I realize that it has been that long. I can still remember a lot of it so clearly, the people I hung out with as well as the classes the we all took.  But as you might imagine, things have changed a lot since then, both in terms of societal norms and mores, as well as technology. My high school had a small number of  PCs, and we were pretty advanced for our school district! Now every classroom has a bunch of PCs as well as every student has a PC in the palm of their hand better known as a cell phone. Forget PCs, back then my biggest concern was with the air conditioning system at the school.  It was the best at suddenly cooling down some areas, but the worst at not cooling off other areas at all. Sporadically even within the same classroom there would be a sharp divide between the air conditioned side and the other warmer side. Everyone always fought to find a seat in the AC side, but unfortunately, I always seemed to lose that fight. I had to take a seat next to the windows, which spent all day in the direct sizzling sun which converted it into sweltering heat! On the other side of the classroom people were shivering cold, while here I was in the heat, dripping with sweat and praying for a seat on the air conditioned side to open up… When I went back last year for my reunion, I found that the school had completed updated its Heating and Air Conditioning system to one that was stronger yet more efficient at the same time.

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