A fireplace is not that great

       My family uses a oil fireplace for heating in the Winter, then the fireplace is about ten years seasoned and it still works, but sporadically it refuses to turn on, then my fiance Jeff messes around with it, but she clicks a couple of, buttons and then the heating system turns on again for a whole year! I have heard about temperature control with heating as well as Air Conditioning systems; however, people get smart thermostats that alert them on air filter changes, humidity levels, and energy saving temperatures, but also the thermostat can be altered with any Wifi Connected product. That sounds super nice. Our heating method has a wireless remote. All the remote can do is turn it on and off though. Other than that, the gas heating method does its own thing. The heating method is an electric start. So, if the power goes out and the heating system is off, no heating;, but if every one of us happen to have the heating system already on, since it is powered by gas every one of us get heating for the power outage. That turns out to be handy. I have also heard about people getting heating service and heating repairs, but my fireplace would not be able to handle it. The fireplace gets my vacuum hose shoved in it once a year. Then I take basic cleaner and disinfect the outside. That is my heating service. The heating repairs it gets is my fiance tinkering around when it wont turn on. It is totally abused however it still works like a champion. I think people who pay on heating system tune ups are being ridiculous. I bet the heaters don’t genuinely need it.