It’s cold

Running a hair salon is serious business. I started out working in a barbershop when I was a teenager. That was one thing, pretty simple stuff, but when I got hired on to the salon everything changes. At the barbershop men would just come in, get a little trim off the back, or maybe a shave. Sometimes they would just sit around and talk. It was all very low maintenance. The salon has very demanding clients who want to look their very best, and also a very particular staff that demand certain working conditions. Well, I guess you got to spend money to make money, because I just had to spend big money to upgrade the HVAC system for the building, at the insistence of clients and staff both. We are a busy location, and the constant opening of the front door makes for an inconsistent climate control environment. All the extra humidity coming in from outside badly damaged our indoor air quality, and the extra moisture makes it harder to style hair. So while I was spending the money for a better central HVAC system, I also invested in a set of double doors, one inside the other, to keep the air quality consistent. There is still a battle over the thermostat, with everyone wanting a different perfect temperature, but you can’t make everyone happy. The upgrades to the air filters have resulted in higher air quality, which in turn makes for a healthier work environment and better hair. I think this new air conditioning system will end up paying off for us.