I’m ready to say goodbye

Living in my house for a long period of time has taught me some very valuable lessons. I have learned a lot throughout the years and continue to learn as I grow older. Plenty of these lessons were taught over time as I was faced with a lot of issues that other homeowners face. Luckily, I can use these lessons to better myself and maintain a healthy household. One of the best lessons I learned was during the blizzard that happened the same year I moved into my house. I barely knew how to run the heating system and did not even check it ahead of time before turning it on. Since the house was move in ready, I figured everything would be all set to run- including my furnace. What I had failed to do was get the HVAC system cleaned and serviced before running it. The furnace basically pushed out dust and allergens through my vents for days after the blizzard hit, causing everyone to catch colds. I learned that the furnace needs to be cleaned each year before and after being used for a season. It does not take long for an HVAC professional to look over your heating system and make sure it is ready to be used. Now, I schedule regular furnace cleanings and tune-ups each year to ensure it will run efficiently and clean. Every homeowner should schedule regular HVAC cleanings in the fall as well as in the spring to ensure their furnace is ready to use in any weather situation.

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