I want to test for radon

There are a lot of problematic things in life.  I know that Snape, in the Harry Potter novels, was quite problematic for a lot of people.   He usually appeared in places you did not expect him. He consistently had everyone wondering if he was on the side of good or evil.  For me, cream cheese is problematic.   Cream cheese is an ingredient a ton of delicious dishes.  It makes everything taste way better but is so very fattening! You can’t usually see it, but you notice in on the scale after a ton of time spent eating it! What also is problematic is radon.  Radon infiltrates the home without anyone realizing it. Radon is a natural gas. None of the five senses are able to detect this gas. It has no visible color, no taste and no odor at all. How can you identify this gas in the home? You need to purchase a special radon detector, and then leave it in place for several days.  The tester is then sent away to a lab to be analyzed.  Most people know that radon is dangerous in high levels, but believe that only particular types of homes are prone to it.  Unfortunately,  radon can be a problem up in any type of home. Nobody is totally safe from dangerous radon levels. Also radon can be anywhere in the home. This gas can find a way in through air or water.   The radon originates in rock or soil. The radon can then enter the water, or sneak into your home through the air.  The  basement is the most likely area to be exposed to high levels of radon.  However, the water and entire house should be tested if there is any chance of elevated radon levels.  

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