I want a safe home

There are a lot of dangerous things in life.  In my opinion, Snape from Harry Potter was quite dangerous.  He always turned up in places where no one expected him. He always kept me questioning whether he was good or bad.  I think cream cheese is pretty dangerous as well. Cream cheese shows up in plenty of dishes, making it taste better but way more fattening.  I can’t identify it, but I really notice my waistline expanding after a ton of eating it. What also is dangerous is radon.  Radon gas  leaks into a house with anyone knowing. Radon is a natural occurring gas. You can’t detect it with any of your five senses. It does not have any color, or taste and there is no odor. How can you locate this gas in your home? You need a targeted radon detector.  Radon can be identified and resolved.   Unfortunately, most people miss it because they think radon is limited to particular types of homes. Nope, radon can show up in any style of home. Nobody is entirely safe from high radon levels. Also radon can be literally in any area of  your home! This gas can find a way in through any crack or crevice.  The radon gas is formed during erosion of rock or soil. The radon can infiltrate the water supply, and even sneak into your lake house through the air! So the basement is the typical place to find high radon levels, because it could be all the way up to the attic. It is hard to detect but not that difficult to get rid of. At least Snape was a good guy in the end and there is fat free cream cheese. I don’t think there are benefits when it comes to radon.

radon safety