I really enjoy living here

When I went to visit my friend in the Pacific Northwest, I was absolutely shocked to find out that he didn’t have an air conditioner in his home. I had always lived in the southeast, where HVAC systems are standard. He laughed when he saw my reaction. “It hardly gets hot enough here to need an air,” he said. I don’t know why I had never considered this. And regions of the country where the temperatures remain mild year-round, there’s really no sense in paying to have an HVAC system installed in a home. I mean, why run the A/C when opening a window and turning on a ceiling fan would be enough to keep the house cool? I imagine he has a very low utility bill, and that would be a major draw to living in that part of the country. I enjoyed my trip so much that I am considering moving there. My only holdup would be that I am very used to running my air conditioner at night while I am asleep. Having the cool air blasting through the air vents is something that allows me to get to sleep and fully relax. Maybe I could just buy a portable air conditioner to use during the night time if I were to move there. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful, and I can really see myself living there. I’m glad I visited before hand, though so I know what to expect if I do end up going there. To arrive to a region without realizing that I would have to live without a cooling system would be a major shock.

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