I can’t relax

My husband and I live in a smaller home. It is the perfect size for the two of us to live in right now, but we will eventually have to move into a bigger home. Our home is very easy to maintain and we have a great utility plan that allows us to save a lot in energy bills each month. This is wonderful because it allows us to put aside more money each month for our dream home. The only thing that really keeps us from saving money is during the fall. My husband says I am crazy, but I tend to turn up the furnace a lot more in the fall than I do in the winter. I find that the transition from summer into fall is a lot colder than fall into winter. The cooler, damp weather makes me crave the heat more than anything. It doesn’t matter how many layers I wear, I am consistently turning up the thermostat to increase the heat. My husband complains that my increased heat is causing our bills to rise over our budgeted cost and that I am going to be a setback in our savings. But, I do not care what he says, I want to be comfortable in my own home, regardless of how early I turn the heat on. The furnace is always ready to be used by the end of September, so I will freely turn up the thermostat as soon as I feel the chill of the fall. Maybe in our new home we will have a more efficient heating system that won’t cost us extra to run the heat in the fall season.

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