HVAC repairs for dummies

There are a series of books written specifically for people like me. They are called dummies books, and they take complex issues and boil them down to their essential points for people who don’t like to read or have short attention spans. This has a been a problem for me my whole life, so having books that break everything down into step by step lists is just so helpful to me. This is how I  learned how to change my oil, do my taxes, and write term papers for school. I wish they made them for everything! A few weeks ago I had a problem in my apartment, and the air conditioner system stopped working. I found at the library they had a book about HVAC systems upkeep and maintenance, so I checked it out and started reading. I wondered why they didn’t make a book about HVAC repair, but they actually discussed that in the book I had. Apparently, the complexities of HVAC system take a long time to learn and master, which is why HVAC repair technicians have to take classes and become certified. There wasn’t a way to boil down so much knowledge into one book, so instead they just presented the basics on how to care for your AC and your furnace. Of course, that was not very helpful to me at the time, because my air conditioner was no longer working. But I still read the book, so that in the future I could keep the central air conditioning system from breaking down on me again.

air conditioner repair