A family vacation

About a month back, some of our good friends, Jon and Katie, moved up north to a new state. The move was somewhat unexpected. Jon and Katie have always loved the city that we live in, and we talked often about our kids growing up together, attending the same schools, and playing on the same teams. Unfortunately, that was not to be. Jon’s job transferred him to a new office, and he could not turn down the opportunity. We have definitely missed them in the short time that they have been gone! We do talk often, most of the time trading weather updates. Where we live, it has been warm and balmy. We have not had to use our air conditioning unit or our central heating at all! One day, we used our electric fireplace, but that was more for the ambiance than the climate control! Most days, though, the weather is almost perfect, not too hot, and not too cold. Up north, where Jon and Katie are, it has snowed several times already! They have had to adjust to the severe cold. Thankfully, their home has excellent climate control, and they have been using it every single day! They have central heating and a real, wood-burning fireplace! They also have heated floors in their kitchen and bathrooms, all of which have tile flooring. We are planning to go visit them soon, but we will definitely have to buy some real winter clothes if we are going to do anything other than sit in the house in front of the fireplace!