I really enjoy living here

When I went to visit my friend in the Pacific Northwest, I was absolutely shocked to find out that he didn’t have an air conditioner in his home. I had always lived in the southeast, where HVAC systems are standard. He laughed when he saw my reaction. “It hardly gets hot enough here to need an air,” he said. I don’t know why I had never considered this. And regions of the country where the temperatures remain mild year-round, there’s really no sense in paying to have an HVAC system installed in a home. I mean, why run the A/C when opening a window and turning on a ceiling fan would be enough to keep the house cool? I imagine he has a very low utility bill, and that would be a major draw to living in that part of the country. I enjoyed my trip so much that I am considering moving there. My only holdup would be that I am very used to running my air conditioner at night while I am asleep. Having the cool air blasting through the air vents is something that allows me to get to sleep and fully relax. Maybe I could just buy a portable air conditioner to use during the night time if I were to move there. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful, and I can really see myself living there. I’m glad I visited before hand, though so I know what to expect if I do end up going there. To arrive to a region without realizing that I would have to live without a cooling system would be a major shock.

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HVAC repairs for dummies

There are a series of books written specifically for people like me. They are called dummies books, and they take complex issues and boil them down to their essential points for people who don’t like to read or have short attention spans. This has a been a problem for me my whole life, so having books that break everything down into step by step lists is just so helpful to me. This is how I  learned how to change my oil, do my taxes, and write term papers for school. I wish they made them for everything! A few weeks ago I had a problem in my apartment, and the air conditioner system stopped working. I found at the library they had a book about HVAC systems upkeep and maintenance, so I checked it out and started reading. I wondered why they didn’t make a book about HVAC repair, but they actually discussed that in the book I had. Apparently, the complexities of HVAC system take a long time to learn and master, which is why HVAC repair technicians have to take classes and become certified. There wasn’t a way to boil down so much knowledge into one book, so instead they just presented the basics on how to care for your AC and your furnace. Of course, that was not very helpful to me at the time, because my air conditioner was no longer working. But I still read the book, so that in the future I could keep the central air conditioning system from breaking down on me again.

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It’s cold

Running a hair salon is serious business. I started out working in a barbershop when I was a teenager. That was one thing, pretty simple stuff, but when I got hired on to the salon everything changes. At the barbershop men would just come in, get a little trim off the back, or maybe a shave. Sometimes they would just sit around and talk. It was all very low maintenance. The salon has very demanding clients who want to look their very best, and also a very particular staff that demand certain working conditions. Well, I guess you got to spend money to make money, because I just had to spend big money to upgrade the HVAC system for the building, at the insistence of clients and staff both. We are a busy location, and the constant opening of the front door makes for an inconsistent climate control environment. All the extra humidity coming in from outside badly damaged our indoor air quality, and the extra moisture makes it harder to style hair. So while I was spending the money for a better central HVAC system, I also invested in a set of double doors, one inside the other, to keep the air quality consistent. There is still a battle over the thermostat, with everyone wanting a different perfect temperature, but you can’t make everyone happy. The upgrades to the air filters have resulted in higher air quality, which in turn makes for a healthier work environment and better hair. I think this new air conditioning system will end up paying off for us.

I’m ready to say goodbye

Living in my house for a long period of time has taught me some very valuable lessons. I have learned a lot throughout the years and continue to learn as I grow older. Plenty of these lessons were taught over time as I was faced with a lot of issues that other homeowners face. Luckily, I can use these lessons to better myself and maintain a healthy household. One of the best lessons I learned was during the blizzard that happened the same year I moved into my house. I barely knew how to run the heating system and did not even check it ahead of time before turning it on. Since the house was move in ready, I figured everything would be all set to run- including my furnace. What I had failed to do was get the HVAC system cleaned and serviced before running it. The furnace basically pushed out dust and allergens through my vents for days after the blizzard hit, causing everyone to catch colds. I learned that the furnace needs to be cleaned each year before and after being used for a season. It does not take long for an HVAC professional to look over your heating system and make sure it is ready to be used. Now, I schedule regular furnace cleanings and tune-ups each year to ensure it will run efficiently and clean. Every homeowner should schedule regular HVAC cleanings in the fall as well as in the spring to ensure their furnace is ready to use in any weather situation.

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I can’t relax

My husband and I live in a smaller home. It is the perfect size for the two of us to live in right now, but we will eventually have to move into a bigger home. Our home is very easy to maintain and we have a great utility plan that allows us to save a lot in energy bills each month. This is wonderful because it allows us to put aside more money each month for our dream home. The only thing that really keeps us from saving money is during the fall. My husband says I am crazy, but I tend to turn up the furnace a lot more in the fall than I do in the winter. I find that the transition from summer into fall is a lot colder than fall into winter. The cooler, damp weather makes me crave the heat more than anything. It doesn’t matter how many layers I wear, I am consistently turning up the thermostat to increase the heat. My husband complains that my increased heat is causing our bills to rise over our budgeted cost and that I am going to be a setback in our savings. But, I do not care what he says, I want to be comfortable in my own home, regardless of how early I turn the heat on. The furnace is always ready to be used by the end of September, so I will freely turn up the thermostat as soon as I feel the chill of the fall. Maybe in our new home we will have a more efficient heating system that won’t cost us extra to run the heat in the fall season.

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A family vacation

About a month back, some of our good friends, Jon and Katie, moved up north to a new state. The move was somewhat unexpected. Jon and Katie have always loved the city that we live in, and we talked often about our kids growing up together, attending the same schools, and playing on the same teams. Unfortunately, that was not to be. Jon’s job transferred him to a new office, and he could not turn down the opportunity. We have definitely missed them in the short time that they have been gone! We do talk often, most of the time trading weather updates. Where we live, it has been warm and balmy. We have not had to use our air conditioning unit or our central heating at all! One day, we used our electric fireplace, but that was more for the ambiance than the climate control! Most days, though, the weather is almost perfect, not too hot, and not too cold. Up north, where Jon and Katie are, it has snowed several times already! They have had to adjust to the severe cold. Thankfully, their home has excellent climate control, and they have been using it every single day! They have central heating and a real, wood-burning fireplace! They also have heated floors in their kitchen and bathrooms, all of which have tile flooring. We are planning to go visit them soon, but we will definitely have to buy some real winter clothes if we are going to do anything other than sit in the house in front of the fireplace!

The alarm helps me feel safe

The two of us used to worry about our building and Company, until we found out that there was a way to automatically handle the different systems throughout our company. My wife and I have had the same company for the past five years, and it seems like our employees are often for getting some of the major ways that we save money. Our employees have forgotten to turn off the lights when they left the building, and they have also forgotten to alarm our sections a few different times over the past year. Our employees do not officially set the HVAC thermostat, but no one bothers to adjust the system depending on the outside temperatures. That means that my wife and I are paying for a lot of wasted energy and very high building cost. The two of us recently went to a convention and found out about a commercial building automation system. This type of automation system is extremely neat, and can be set up in the smallest or largest of buildings. Every piece of the technology components are taking care of using this building automation system. The HVAC system is hooked up to this program, and so are all of the lights inside of the building. This type of system means that the two of us will not have to worry about a lot of things any longer. Since this type of building automation system also controls the HVAC system, the two of us will likely begin to save a lot of money on our heating and cooling cost

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I want to test for radon

There are a lot of problematic things in life.  I know that Snape, in the Harry Potter novels, was quite problematic for a lot of people.   He usually appeared in places you did not expect him. He consistently had everyone wondering if he was on the side of good or evil.  For me, cream cheese is problematic.   Cream cheese is an ingredient a ton of delicious dishes.  It makes everything taste way better but is so very fattening! You can’t usually see it, but you notice in on the scale after a ton of time spent eating it! What also is problematic is radon.  Radon infiltrates the home without anyone realizing it. Radon is a natural gas. None of the five senses are able to detect this gas. It has no visible color, no taste and no odor at all. How can you identify this gas in the home? You need to purchase a special radon detector, and then leave it in place for several days.  The tester is then sent away to a lab to be analyzed.  Most people know that radon is dangerous in high levels, but believe that only particular types of homes are prone to it.  Unfortunately,  radon can be a problem up in any type of home. Nobody is totally safe from dangerous radon levels. Also radon can be anywhere in the home. This gas can find a way in through air or water.   The radon originates in rock or soil. The radon can then enter the water, or sneak into your home through the air.  The  basement is the most likely area to be exposed to high levels of radon.  However, the water and entire house should be tested if there is any chance of elevated radon levels.  

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I want a safe home

There are a lot of dangerous things in life.  In my opinion, Snape from Harry Potter was quite dangerous.  He always turned up in places where no one expected him. He always kept me questioning whether he was good or bad.  I think cream cheese is pretty dangerous as well. Cream cheese shows up in plenty of dishes, making it taste better but way more fattening.  I can’t identify it, but I really notice my waistline expanding after a ton of eating it. What also is dangerous is radon.  Radon gas  leaks into a house with anyone knowing. Radon is a natural occurring gas. You can’t detect it with any of your five senses. It does not have any color, or taste and there is no odor. How can you locate this gas in your home? You need a targeted radon detector.  Radon can be identified and resolved.   Unfortunately, most people miss it because they think radon is limited to particular types of homes. Nope, radon can show up in any style of home. Nobody is entirely safe from high radon levels. Also radon can be literally in any area of  your home! This gas can find a way in through any crack or crevice.  The radon gas is formed during erosion of rock or soil. The radon can infiltrate the water supply, and even sneak into your lake house through the air! So the basement is the typical place to find high radon levels, because it could be all the way up to the attic. It is hard to detect but not that difficult to get rid of. At least Snape was a good guy in the end and there is fat free cream cheese. I don’t think there are benefits when it comes to radon.

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Let’s wait for a few seconds

Yesterday, an HVAC contractor was supposed to stop by to fix my A/C unit. My air conditioning has had problems for quite a while now, but I just never had the time or money to get my air conditioning unit fixed. When I got a bonus at work a few weeks ago, the first thing I thought of was that air conditioning unit! I went online and found an HVAC company that had good reviews and set up an appointment with them. That appointment was supposed to be yesterday at 9:00 AM. I woke up much earlier than I normally do on a Saturday and tidied up my house and garage. Logically, I knew that the HVAC contractor probably could not care less about the state of my laundry room, but to me, it was a big deal. After I finished cleaning, I realized that it was 9:15, and the HVAC contractor was not there yet! I was surprised that he was so late, since the HVAC company had such great reviews online. I decided to go ahead and work on some more cleaning and see if he showed up. By 10:30, he still had not arrived. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but being an hour and a half late for an appointment was not ok. I called the HVAC company to see where the HVAC repairman was, and they said that he was running behind but would be at my house soon. He ended up arriving at 11:15, by which time I had already left a bad review about that HVAC company.