Waiting in college-

  When I was in college, I worked as a waiter at a local cafe. It was a good way for me to make extra money, and I worked at it the entire four years that I was in college. I met some fun people there, and I usually didn’t mind going into work. It was a way to get away from my assignments for a while and be social. The only thing that I hated about the job was the fact that I had to wait a lot of outdoor tables.

          I went to college and a very hot part of the country, and the temperatures there would reach the high nineties on a regular basis. Being outside of the air conditioned Cafe was not my cup of tea. I much preferred to wait the end or tables, but I was usually given a mix of both. For this reason, I spent my fourth year at the cafe working as a bartender. In that position, I never had to leave the inside space, and I could adjust the HVAC system to fit my preference.

         A bartender seem to have more authority over the restaurant. Although I never worked my way up to being a manager, I felt like I had moved up a little bit by moving into this position. My only motive to do so was to be able to stay in an air-conditioned space, but I also ended up making much more money in this job. It was a win-win situation for me. That job served me well while I was in college, and I am glad that I was able to work it.

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