These options are great

There are somethings that you can’t change in this world — taxes and death, for example.  Then again, there are other things that you can change. Your outlook on life, or your point of view.  Some things are harder to change than other things. For example, quitting smoking or keeping a stricter budget.  One thing that I really wish I could change is the placement of our a/c vents.  Our a/c vents are in all the wrong places and you wouldn’t believe how much it upsets me.  I don’t wring our hands over it or anything, but I still notice it nearly everyday.  I think the reason that it bothers me is because installed the central heating and cooling component myself. I also installed the AC vents myself, too. When I was locating the vents I was struggling in the attic to reach every room because the angle of the roofing is low and I didn’t pay enough attention to where the vent was going to be placed.  Now I have to reconfigure our bedroom layout so that I can get the benefit of lying directly under the AC vent.  I contacted a Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman and he said that I have several options.  The first option is to relocate our existing vents and patch up any holes in the ceiling.  The next option is adding more a/c vents and connecting them to the box.  The problem with the second method, however, is that I may get an overall decrease in air circulation because the fan will have more of a job to do. I decided to go with option one. And believe me, this time I will hire a professional Heating and Air Conditioning tech to do the work.

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