Sister needs AC, not more kids

My sister and I are very different people. She was a big time cheerleader in school that married the basketball star. She is the typical soccer mom now with three really loud boys. I have blue hair, tons of piercings and I drive a Harley Davidson. We are not similar in anyway. The other day my sister needed me to watch her three sons. She actually had to beg me since her husband and her needed to get Christmas presents. I have no deep desire and womanly urge to have kids. In fact I would go as far to say I hate children. They are my nephews so I sucked it up and agreed to three hours. It was the longest  and sweatiest three hours of my life. The boys ran in the house non stop and constantly needed attention. I was running, cooking and playing for hours straight. I was so overheated and sweaty. Since it was winter the heating system was on. My sister has radiant flooring in her home. Having heated floorboards you think would be good. Instead everywhere I went the heated floors followed me. All I wanted was to be cooled off and the stupid radiant flooring followed me everywhere. I tried to locate where her cooling system was. I wanted some air conditioning in her house. I do not think she owns one. So I now know what to get her for Christmas. She needs that cooling system with those three energetic boys. Forget the radiant flooring in the winter. Rip it out and get air conditioning.

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