Smart App Solves Roommate Wars

I am a pretty patient person for the most part. I can really let a whole lot go when I really need to in any given situation. But, when you start to walk over me on more than one occasion, well that’s when you are going to lose the generosity of spirit. Roommates are the bane of my existence! I am a graduate student, so my living options are very limited. I lived in the dorms on a full scholarship my first years and just had to accept the crappy heating and air conditioning system they had available for us. But, I was really looking forward to apartment living after I had graduated. I knew it would mean more luxuries and one being an HVAC system that I could control. The thought of being warm or cooled whenever I wanted and not subjected to a preprogrammed thermostat was bliss. Then, I met my roommates. What the heck happened to common sense? No one seems to ever ask if anyone else is hot or cold before they turn on the air conditioning or heating! But, worse, no one ever remembers to turn it off. Lately, our utility bills have been so high, that it is really killing my budget. I had to find a solution, since we split them four ways no matter what. The local HVAC provider understood my problem over the phone immediately and sent over a technician to install the Smart App to our thermostat. It also downloads to my phone, so that I can turn on and off the HVAC system at any time. I decided to not tell my roommates and just try and monitor the heating and air conditioning inconspicuously. I was determined to get our HVAC bills lowered!

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I know that I just need a plumber

I used to consider my dream apartment and imagine what the inner workings would look like. I wanted all clear floors, a bigger room for my books and I wanted it to be basically a sizable glass piece. As I get older I am seeing that my priorities change. I don’t need good floors, I just want ideal water. I have grown up in a home that has ideal water. The water is pumped from an underground source. The water then goes to our hot water container, heated by the water gas furnace and then it comes out of our devices. It sounds like an ideal plan right? You don’t have to spend my checking for village water and it almost seems like the water is cleaner. Why wouldn’t water under the ground be fresh? It absolutely is filled with chemicals, calcium and lime. The water is not great to have. All of our apartment items tend to rust and corrode due to the water. The shower drains are wrecked. The toilet is a rusted orange color. Also the water tends to not permit soaps too later. So the soap debris blocks the drainage frequently. No amount of washing devices repair the stains and no water softeners help the drainage. The water is basically a problem. Making use of bleach causes the fixtures to turn a gross color. Water cleaners are just a waste of dough since nothing happens. I hate dealing with this water issues everyday. So my idea apartment is going to have great wash water with plumbing fixtures that are not ruined.

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Radiant Flooring in Spa Facility

I work in a fancy Spa facility. I don’t want to stereotype all people, but most that come from money are seeking out the best of the best. They, sadly, have no problem getting what they need at any time. This facility has been going through many renovations at the request of its upper class patrons. The irony is allowing themselves to be dictated by their patrons, when it is their dream spa business. But, as my boss explained to me, they are nothing without those patrons. So, there have been numerous complaints over the heating and air conditioning system that is in place. We have had it for several years and while it has needed some serious HVAC maintenance, filter changes and deep cleaning, it had done the job. We are hearing more complaints about the lack of heat, however. This is an important factor for a spa. So, we decided to bring in the local HVAC provider to do a full assessment of spa, as we consider an entire upgrade. He told us that the newest form of heating, that is all the rage, holds heat in the most effective and efficient of ways that benefits the client and the company’s budget. Radiant Floor Heat is all the rage. It is a heating unit installed in the baseboards of the floor with piping, which allows water to flow and slowly heat up in the floor. While it does this, it is releasing the heat at such a slow and steady pace that the heat holds for hours longer than any other heating element. People are seeing huge financial gains and their clients rave over it. So, we are on our way to Radiant Floor heat and hoping for the best!

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Installing a whole-house fan to quickly cut down indoor temperatures.

When I was a kid, I grew up in a very old two-story house with no real air conditioning system installed. Instead, the house had a whole-house fan installed in the ceiling of the second floor hallway which could cool the entire house down in no time at all. It used to scare me when it kicked on as a kid, because the rapid pressure change would make windows all around the house shake if they weren’t already open. It was worth dealing with the occasional scare, since the house would get to a comfortable temperature in less than an hour. That’s saying something, given how big the house was. As an adult and a homeowner, I’m seeing why my parents had the whole-house fan installed. My current HVAC system uses forced air conditioning, which is good and well for keeping the house cool and warm when needed. Only downside is, air conditioning is much more expensive as a utility cost compared to what my parents paid on their utility bill. For that reason, I decided to install a whole-house fan in my home. I had an HVAC service team come in to perform the installation, which required the creation of several outlets for heat to leave the attic when the fan runs. I made sure to open as many windows as I could before they turned the fan on, and after it turned on for the first time, my house cooled off in less than twenty minutes! It was a major difference, and I was thrilled by how quickly it cooled down. I made sure to use a fan with varying speeds, so that way I can reduce the motor speed once the house cools off enough. My first utility bill after the installation reflected the efficiency of the whole-house fan, and I was so excited to see some savings from the get-go. Now I just have to get used to the sound of it turning on again.

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Looking into my radon problems

As a realtor, I hand out  pamphlets about radon gas  to anyone who is looking at burying a house.  I think it is my duty, as a realtor, to make people aware of the need for testing.  Normal water & sewage testing, is completed automatically.  Many inspectors still aren’t  insisting on radon testing.  The radon testing kit is not all that expensive or time-consuming.  It is a small dish that contains chemicals which will indicate levels of radon.  The radon dish is normally located in the basement.  Depending on the size of the basement, multiple radon kits might be needed.  They are normally situated where there is little air movement.  They should not be set near a door or a window.  It takes a bit of  time before the test is ready to be sent back to the lab.  The lab diagnosis the kit and provides the results.  If there is a dangerous level of radon gas present, it is necessary to move on to the radon mitigation stage.  This involves a length of PVC pipe that draws the gas from the basement.  The ags is then pushed into the outside air by a fan.  It really is a straightforward and effective process.  Most modern buildings have radon mitigation system in use.  If you have issues with mold in your home, it can be more harmful than the radon.  The idea of radon, however, is frightening.  If you are buying a home, ask for radon testing to be completed.  Make sure you have all the facts.

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Top-level HVAC equipment for the new office.

Working for a company that specializes in the repair and replacement of HVAC equipment certainly has its perks. As one of the purchasing agents for the company, it’s my job to find used or broken-down equipment being sold by contractors or online through postings, and negotiate the purchase of this equipment if we deem it worth investing in. Recently, an office firm downtown had a major overhaul of their HVAC system, which resulted in them tossing much of their old equipment out for the contractors to take. The equipment was still usable if the right individuals repaired it, and ironically, we were in serious need of a new system in our own office. After calling the contractors selling the used equipment and negotiating a price for over an hour, we managed to buy the equipment and have the contractors deliver it to us. Upon arrival, we were stunned to find that the equipment was in far better shape than we expected! The fans were lightly rusted, the piping needed a flush and the unit’s inner workings needed some cleaning, but overall the equipment was lightly used at best. It was no wonder why the contractors were fighting us so hard on the value of the equipment. Our in-house technicians managed to get the workings of the system repaired and up to speed, and within the week they were able to install the equipment for office use. I can’t tell you how much nicer it is in here, now that the airflow is much better, the air itself is cooler, and I can get through a day of work without turning on the fan at my desk. Now, if only we could find a contractor who was selling a lightly used computer!

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Radon testing is so important

As a realtor, I hand out  pamphlets that provide information about radon gas to anyone who is looking to buy a new house.  I felt that it was my duty, as a realtor, to make people fully aware of the importance of testing.  Conventional water and sewage testing is performed automatically, but a lot of inspectors still aren’t following up with  the radon testing.  The radon testing kit is not expensive and similar to the test for mold.  It is basically a small petri dish that has specific chemicals on it that will pick up on the presence and levels of  radon.  The radon test kit is typically situated in the basement.  Depending on the size of the basement, there  may need to be  several radon kits utilized.  The kits are located where there is little air movement.  They should not be placed near a door or a window.  It requires not a lot of time before the test is ready to be sent back to the lab.  Once the lab determines the results, there is the radon mitigation stage.  A length of PVC pipe will pull the gas from the basement and then it is sent  outside by way of a fan.  It is a simple and effective process, and most modern buildings already have the radon mitigation program installed.  If you suffer from black mold in your home, it can be far more deadly than the radon.  However, just the thought of radon is scary.  If you are thinking of buying a home, demand that radon testing to be done, and make sure you have all of the necessary facts from your realtor.

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Caution with Portable Heaters

I live in the south, and in my neck of the woods, you would be hard pressed to find someone who did not have air conditioning. If they have a roof over their heads, that roof will most likely have air conditioning. It is even illegal in my neck of the woods for the utility company to shut off your electricity when the need for a/c is greatest or when it gets below a certain temperature and the furnace is needed. Heating and cooling is now considered essential for health, so buildings must have heating and cooling or they can’t be built, and all public buildings must also have commercial grade HVAC. That being said, there are still a lot of places, such as rental apartments that are quite old, that do not have furnaces or other sources of heating. That is because most people only care about air conditioning in the south. Plus, heating is just not all that necessary. There are only about five or six weeks a year when you really absolutely have to use a furnace or other heating source. And a lot of people do not like the cost of running those heaters, so instead they get portable heaters to run in their bedrooms at night. I am one of those people. I am not a fan of forced air heating because it dries out my sinuses and makes my skin flake off. The only thing to remember is that you must use caution with portable heaters. Most portable heaters come with all sorts of safety features, but still, every winter I hear stories on the news about fires that started because a portable heater caught the drapes on fire or something like that. If you are going to use a portable heater, please use caution.

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Switching Laundromats so I can have A/C

Recently, I started noticing that the laundry room at my house hat no cold air conditioning coming out of the air vents. My laundry room is not gigantic, but it has enough room for me to work in there and hang up or fold my clothes, which I prefer to do rather than have clothes all over the house in baskets. So, anyway, I didn’t know why the a/c wasn’t working right, and there was no air conditioning coming out of the air vents in there. So, I called the property manager, who sent out an HVAC repair technician to do an HVAc inspection. Turns out that the ductwork leading to the laundry room air vents was somehow cracked and leaking. As a result, I started going to the laundromat to do my laundry, thinking they would have great a/c. I was wrong! They hat no a/c at all! Apparently, very few laundromats are willing to pay for a/c. Instead they use box fans or ceiling fans. Then I heard about a new laundromat near the college that does have a/c, so off I went. It is much farther from my house, but getting air conditioning is worth it! I will certainly drive ten more minutes for a/c. This is especially true since the whole reason I am going to the laundromat at all is because the a/c ductwork is broken at my house! It seems that students get all the good stuff, like air conditioning in the laundromat, in my city!

HVAC Internship Saves the Farm

My husband has been diagnosed with cancer. He has always been the sole farm keeper for our property. It is the bulk of our income, and without him working on the farm, we are sure to go bankrupt. We only have one son. While most of his friends are preparing to go to college we are terrified he will want to go as well. He is the only one that can take over the farm for us; I just can’t do the harder work that requires so much lifting and manual labor. One day he came to us with a bunch of pamphlets. We were sure he was going to ask us to send him to college. But, instead, he talked to us about a local HVAC provider came to the school’s job fair and talked to him about an internship. We were excited for him, but it sounded like we were still going to lose him on the farm. Then he went on how this HVAC provider would teach him all about heating and cooling systems. The basics were easy enough learning about changing air filters, cleaning out the duct work in houses, plus basic maintenance.  These few things he could actually do after school before the deeper and more serious hands on installing of the HVAC units. Then he surprised us by explaining how his boss would work with him and his farm chores. He understood that he was the man of the farm now and had responsibilities. We were so pleased that he really thought it through how to support his family through this HVAC internship.

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