Leaky outdoor compressor

I am staying at a fairly cheap condo complex for the week. It is a tiny room with a small kitchen and bathroom. You get what you pay for I guess. It was not too expensive so I can let many things go. The bed is very uncomfortable and the pillows are also very flimsy. The bathroom shower is always leaking water. The refrigerator can never keep anything cold. I have no issue letting all of those things go. My main problem is the cooling system in the house. The indoor air handler is small and low to the ground. It can barely cool the tiny room. Most nights I get up covered in sweat. I even had to rearrange the condo due to the ventilation being blocked by furniture. The outdoor compressor was not any better off. I have a smaller balcony that an outdoor compressor is situated on. The outdoor unit is constantly leaking water. The water flows out from the unit steadily. The whole balcony is wet as a result of it. What is the problem? Is the drain clogged up on the unit? Is there a tear or maybe a hole somewhere? I am wondering whether it is clogged with dust or mold possibly. No matter what the problem is, the cooling unit needs professional help. A HVAC technician needs to see the unit to find out the issue with it. The issue is beyond a standard person’s expertise. The professional really ought to do some maintenance on it. Then maybe my balcony would not be so wet every day.

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