I want a hand here

My hubby David as well as I made a quick decision as well as moved across the states. We decided that the him and I hated our location. David hated the snow, freezing as well as I hated the windchill. David as well as I hoped for sand, surf as well as to hear the waves. So him as well as I went, bought an apartment on the water as well as the two of us adore it. We only had a small issue of water in our house. It is unusual however being surrounded by water did not mean the two of us have it in massive quantities. The water is saltwater which meant the two of us could not consume it, drink it or clean with it. The salt also would have damaged our plumbing items too. There was no well to pump the water to our hot water tank too. So because Randy as well as I went quickly to the moving in process, the two of us were separate from flowing water for around 7 days. David as well as I did water delivery service for awhile. Then the two of us did some looking around online as well as the two of us found a plumbing business that has water filtration devices. The water filter method can wash up the ocean water with reverse osmosis. The water from the ocean goes through a filter. The filter will take off bacteria, impurities as well as most important ingly the salt. So using reverse osmosis the two of us are able to use that heavy duty water source. Now my David as well as I are living the great life.

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