I really like these guys

The other day, I took the family out to a favorite watering hole for a day in the sun. We had a great time running, swimming, and playing in the waterfall all day until eventually we were tired and wanted a nap. We left and stopped at a steakhouse on the way back to grab a meal. We all needed nourishment after all the energy spent playing in the sun, but the steakhouse was uncomfortably warm. When I inquired as to why, the waiter said that it was due to the air conditioning being busted! Whilst he was explaining this to us I watched through the window as the van belonging to an HVAC company pull up. The professional got out and promptly got to task fixing the steakhouse’s undefined problem. Every one of us left and continued on our journey back home after we decided to get the food to go. “We’ll eat much more comfortably in the cool air of the house!” I thought as I drove down the road. Well after finally making it back home, guess what? Our cooling system was not working! Since only warm air was coming through the ducts, I immediately called our HVAC maintenance company and they sent us an emergency maintenance tech within twenty minutes. At this point, we were all exhausted and cranky from the heat and just wanted sleep. The technician figured out the complication to be a fault power cable and proved us right when he installed a new cable. Every one of us thanked him kindly and I attempted to give him a tip although he respectfully declined. I have never been happier with our HVAC company and the emergency repair technicians they have on call.

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