Getting a great opportunity

I love my job because I like to travel, so I am one of those lucky people who actually likes their job. Generally I am at home for a week or so and then I get my travel schedule. Then I’m usually on the the road working for about another week.  This job has given me the great opportunity to drive all over the country on the corporation’s dime.  I even get to take our dogs with me!  It is not all fun and games, though.  Once I stayed at a hotel that was particularly bad because the a/c would barely even cool the room down.  It was terrible and it left the room feeling muggy and stinky.  I tried moving into another room.  Later that evening while I was sleeping the a/c started making a terrible rattling sound. Though I tried to ignore the sound, it was so loud.  Every time the a/c would turn on, a very loud buzz saw sound would fill the room and rip me away from sweet slumber.  The following 9 hour day was most unpleasant to say the least.  After arguing with the management I was finally able to get a refund for our stay that evening.  They provided me another room but I had just had it with their old, moldy, and loud a/c units.  In between meetings I loaded up my job materials and then I went and booked a much nicer looking hotel, even though it was further from our job area.  The difference in a/c and the quality of the room was appreciated that night when I could finally get some rest!