Climate control out on the swamp


         Living on the swamp is a hard way to live. I should be clear, I do not live in the swamp, just on it’s outskirts. No one could actually build and maintain a house in a real swamp, but you can see it from my front porch. It is beautiful country, and to an outdoorsman like me there is no place better to live for hunting, fishing, hiking, and exploring. There are places deep in the swamp that have never been seen by humans before, isn’t that humbling to think about?

         But it can be a rather extreme place to live, so you need to be prepared with things like a sturdy truck, and an efficient HVAC heating and cooling system. It may not sound that important, but there are several good reasons to invest in a quality HVAC system that will last you for a long time. First of all there is the indoor air quality, which is hard to maintain. With so many bugs in the air, screen doors don’t help much, and to keep the bugs out you need to keep the house shut tight, so the HVAC system circulates and cleans your air using air filters which keeps it smelling and feeling fresh.

        Without the HVAC equipment your house would get overly hot, and also start to smell from the swamp humidity building up. And then there are the cold winter nights, and it isn’t safe to have fires out here in the woods so have a central furnace is the safest and cheapest way to keep your heating healthy through the cold months.