Everyone is complaining about the cold

Where I live, temperatures rarely reach seventy degrees even in the dead of summer. Unquestionably I live in the freezing part of the country. It is not uncommon to see harsh winters or thirty to forty inches of snow within a couple of days. Most of us in my neighborhood make money on the side by plowing out houses and businesses within our county! It is crucial to stay warm out here, or suffer dire consequences. Despite how it seems, when we aren’t busy plowing we actually enjoy the climate in which we live. We share hot meals, cozy game nights, and the heat from our furnaces. Having a respectfully working furnace is the most essential priority to our community, as well as having quality technicians around to keep our heating systems up and running. I actually purchased a warranty when I bought my gas furnace and it includes having an HVAC company come out once a year in addition to performing service on repairs as needed. The warranty also comes with twenty four hour emergency protection so if the unforeseen happens I will have an HVAC specialist at my house within a couple hours to service whatever might be wrong with it. Without this warranty, I would be so lost if something unforeseeable happened to my heating system.

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I really like these guys

The other day, I took the family out to a favorite watering hole for a day in the sun. We had a great time running, swimming, and playing in the waterfall all day until eventually we were tired and wanted a nap. We left and stopped at a steakhouse on the way back to grab a meal. We all needed nourishment after all the energy spent playing in the sun, but the steakhouse was uncomfortably warm. When I inquired as to why, the waiter said that it was due to the air conditioning being busted! Whilst he was explaining this to us I watched through the window as the van belonging to an HVAC company pull up. The professional got out and promptly got to task fixing the steakhouse’s undefined problem. Every one of us left and continued on our journey back home after we decided to get the food to go. “We’ll eat much more comfortably in the cool air of the house!” I thought as I drove down the road. Well after finally making it back home, guess what? Our cooling system was not working! Since only warm air was coming through the ducts, I immediately called our HVAC maintenance company and they sent us an emergency maintenance tech within twenty minutes. At this point, we were all exhausted and cranky from the heat and just wanted sleep. The technician figured out the complication to be a fault power cable and proved us right when he installed a new cable. Every one of us thanked him kindly and I attempted to give him a tip although he respectfully declined. I have never been happier with our HVAC company and the emergency repair technicians they have on call.

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Leaky outdoor compressor

I am staying at a fairly cheap condo complex for the week. It is a tiny room with a small kitchen and bathroom. You get what you pay for I guess. It was not too expensive so I can let many things go. The bed is very uncomfortable and the pillows are also very flimsy. The bathroom shower is always leaking water. The refrigerator can never keep anything cold. I have no issue letting all of those things go. My main problem is the cooling system in the house. The indoor air handler is small and low to the ground. It can barely cool the tiny room. Most nights I get up covered in sweat. I even had to rearrange the condo due to the ventilation being blocked by furniture. The outdoor compressor was not any better off. I have a smaller balcony that an outdoor compressor is situated on. The outdoor unit is constantly leaking water. The water flows out from the unit steadily. The whole balcony is wet as a result of it. What is the problem? Is the drain clogged up on the unit? Is there a tear or maybe a hole somewhere? I am wondering whether it is clogged with dust or mold possibly. No matter what the problem is, the cooling unit needs professional help. A HVAC technician needs to see the unit to find out the issue with it. The issue is beyond a standard person’s expertise. The professional really ought to do some maintenance on it. Then maybe my balcony would not be so wet every day.

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Sister needs AC, not more kids

My sister and I are very different people. She was a big time cheerleader in school that married the basketball star. She is the typical soccer mom now with three really loud boys. I have blue hair, tons of piercings and I drive a Harley Davidson. We are not similar in anyway. The other day my sister needed me to watch her three sons. She actually had to beg me since her husband and her needed to get Christmas presents. I have no deep desire and womanly urge to have kids. In fact I would go as far to say I hate children. They are my nephews so I sucked it up and agreed to three hours. It was the longest  and sweatiest three hours of my life. The boys ran in the house non stop and constantly needed attention. I was running, cooking and playing for hours straight. I was so overheated and sweaty. Since it was winter the heating system was on. My sister has radiant flooring in her home. Having heated floorboards you think would be good. Instead everywhere I went the heated floors followed me. All I wanted was to be cooled off and the stupid radiant flooring followed me everywhere. I tried to locate where her cooling system was. I wanted some air conditioning in her house. I do not think she owns one. So I now know what to get her for Christmas. She needs that cooling system with those three energetic boys. Forget the radiant flooring in the winter. Rip it out and get air conditioning.

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Getting a great opportunity

I love my job because I like to travel, so I am one of those lucky people who actually likes their job. Generally I am at home for a week or so and then I get my travel schedule. Then I’m usually on the the road working for about another week.  This job has given me the great opportunity to drive all over the country on the corporation’s dime.  I even get to take our dogs with me!  It is not all fun and games, though.  Once I stayed at a hotel that was particularly bad because the a/c would barely even cool the room down.  It was terrible and it left the room feeling muggy and stinky.  I tried moving into another room.  Later that evening while I was sleeping the a/c started making a terrible rattling sound. Though I tried to ignore the sound, it was so loud.  Every time the a/c would turn on, a very loud buzz saw sound would fill the room and rip me away from sweet slumber.  The following 9 hour day was most unpleasant to say the least.  After arguing with the management I was finally able to get a refund for our stay that evening.  They provided me another room but I had just had it with their old, moldy, and loud a/c units.  In between meetings I loaded up my job materials and then I went and booked a much nicer looking hotel, even though it was further from our job area.  The difference in a/c and the quality of the room was appreciated that night when I could finally get some rest!

Climate control out on the swamp


         Living on the swamp is a hard way to live. I should be clear, I do not live in the swamp, just on it’s outskirts. No one could actually build and maintain a house in a real swamp, but you can see it from my front porch. It is beautiful country, and to an outdoorsman like me there is no place better to live for hunting, fishing, hiking, and exploring. There are places deep in the swamp that have never been seen by humans before, isn’t that humbling to think about?

         But it can be a rather extreme place to live, so you need to be prepared with things like a sturdy truck, and an efficient HVAC heating and cooling system. It may not sound that important, but there are several good reasons to invest in a quality HVAC system that will last you for a long time. First of all there is the indoor air quality, which is hard to maintain. With so many bugs in the air, screen doors don’t help much, and to keep the bugs out you need to keep the house shut tight, so the HVAC system circulates and cleans your air using air filters which keeps it smelling and feeling fresh.

        Without the HVAC equipment your house would get overly hot, and also start to smell from the swamp humidity building up. And then there are the cold winter nights, and it isn’t safe to have fires out here in the woods so have a central furnace is the safest and cheapest way to keep your heating healthy through the cold months.


These options are great

There are somethings that you can’t change in this world — taxes and death, for example.  Then again, there are other things that you can change. Your outlook on life, or your point of view.  Some things are harder to change than other things. For example, quitting smoking or keeping a stricter budget.  One thing that I really wish I could change is the placement of our a/c vents.  Our a/c vents are in all the wrong places and you wouldn’t believe how much it upsets me.  I don’t wring our hands over it or anything, but I still notice it nearly everyday.  I think the reason that it bothers me is because installed the central heating and cooling component myself. I also installed the AC vents myself, too. When I was locating the vents I was struggling in the attic to reach every room because the angle of the roofing is low and I didn’t pay enough attention to where the vent was going to be placed.  Now I have to reconfigure our bedroom layout so that I can get the benefit of lying directly under the AC vent.  I contacted a Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman and he said that I have several options.  The first option is to relocate our existing vents and patch up any holes in the ceiling.  The next option is adding more a/c vents and connecting them to the box.  The problem with the second method, however, is that I may get an overall decrease in air circulation because the fan will have more of a job to do. I decided to go with option one. And believe me, this time I will hire a professional Heating and Air Conditioning tech to do the work.

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Waiting in college-

  When I was in college, I worked as a waiter at a local cafe. It was a good way for me to make extra money, and I worked at it the entire four years that I was in college. I met some fun people there, and I usually didn’t mind going into work. It was a way to get away from my assignments for a while and be social. The only thing that I hated about the job was the fact that I had to wait a lot of outdoor tables.

          I went to college and a very hot part of the country, and the temperatures there would reach the high nineties on a regular basis. Being outside of the air conditioned Cafe was not my cup of tea. I much preferred to wait the end or tables, but I was usually given a mix of both. For this reason, I spent my fourth year at the cafe working as a bartender. In that position, I never had to leave the inside space, and I could adjust the HVAC system to fit my preference.

         A bartender seem to have more authority over the restaurant. Although I never worked my way up to being a manager, I felt like I had moved up a little bit by moving into this position. My only motive to do so was to be able to stay in an air-conditioned space, but I also ended up making much more money in this job. It was a win-win situation for me. That job served me well while I was in college, and I am glad that I was able to work it.

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I want a hand here

My hubby David as well as I made a quick decision as well as moved across the states. We decided that the him and I hated our location. David hated the snow, freezing as well as I hated the windchill. David as well as I hoped for sand, surf as well as to hear the waves. So him as well as I went, bought an apartment on the water as well as the two of us adore it. We only had a small issue of water in our house. It is unusual however being surrounded by water did not mean the two of us have it in massive quantities. The water is saltwater which meant the two of us could not consume it, drink it or clean with it. The salt also would have damaged our plumbing items too. There was no well to pump the water to our hot water tank too. So because Randy as well as I went quickly to the moving in process, the two of us were separate from flowing water for around 7 days. David as well as I did water delivery service for awhile. Then the two of us did some looking around online as well as the two of us found a plumbing business that has water filtration devices. The water filter method can wash up the ocean water with reverse osmosis. The water from the ocean goes through a filter. The filter will take off bacteria, impurities as well as most important ingly the salt. So using reverse osmosis the two of us are able to use that heavy duty water source. Now my David as well as I are living the great life.

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A total disaster

I just not long ago had to get our septic tank cleared out. That is literally the most disgusting thing I have ever encountered before. The septic tank really creates layers of debris to separate all the material out. The liquid amounts is the a single that gets pumped down the drain line as well as out of your septic system. There is a layer of dirt that cannot go into the ground. My septic tank had a lot of issues in it that did not go down. I realized that our problem was that I was flushing things down our toilets as well as piping that could not be flushed. So the items just remained in the tank as well as eventually backed up our septic device. The items that I flushed that were no goes was tampons, condoms as well as tough cotton swabs. None of these items issues. Instead they went down our piping all the way in the septic tank system. I apparently flushed so many of them that the septic tank system eventually jammed as well as backed up. Then I had to get a plumbing business to come in to perform septic tank cleaning. It was a mess, icky as well as a ton of dough. I really should have been more mindful on what I flush. I just assumed that if the item was tiny, it could flush nicely. It never occurred to myself and others to guess of the item that the material was made of. I also did some look on the items that I flush… Apparently our materials could have ruined the sewage grinder as well.

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